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Jun 20, 2010 08:05 PM

ICA 6/20/10 Piierre Thiam

So, I know Bobby Flay won this battle, but the challenger's dishes really exited me. Pierre Thiam of Grand Dakar. I would love to hear from anyone who has tasted his food.

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  1. He seemed to go the exact opposite route of Flay in terms of utter simplicity. I thought he may have a chance until the judges started commenting on Flay's food, which was one point away from a perfect 60, I have never seen a score that high before. Actually, maybe Morimoto once.

    1. i thought his food looked really clean, brilliant and full of great flavor - when the judges do happy dances you know that food is great. i am looking forward to tasting next time i am in Brooklyn, and checking out his book soon.

      1. Have eaten at Grand Dakar many times and have never been excited by the food. The only reason i keep returning is the live African music which can be wonderful. If you're looking for good Senegalese food, there are several tasty places on 116th street, baobab and afrikine are just a few that come to mind. They aren't as easy on the eye and they don't serve alcohol (many senegalese are Muslims), but if we're talking food, there is no contest. There was also a tiny place that stayed open 24/7 on east 118th named Treichville, but it seemed to be closed the last time i attempted to dine there. There are also several options on Fulton Street in Brooklyn as well. Mr Thiam's cookbook Yolele has yielded some great dinners in my kitchen, I only wish his restaurant would do the same!