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Jun 20, 2010 07:48 PM

custom design birthday cake in minneapolis/eden prairie

It's my daughter's first birthday next sunday, and we'll be celebrating in Eden Prairie (we're Bostonians) since my wife's family are all here. However, I have no idea where to go to order the cake. Ideally we want a custom design, rather than picking from a catalogue of possible choices -- since we want a frog (don't ask!) cake design.

So: my appeal to fellow CHers: which cake shop/baker would you recommend both in terms of taste and 'designer style'? We'll be in Eden Prairie, but happy to drive around a bit (< 1hr ideally) for the right place. And I guess with less than a week, it's a little bit last-minute, so places with a three month waiting list (if there are such places) would be out.

many thanks,


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  1. I have not ordered or eat cake from Cocoa and Fig in downtown Minneapolis, but it is very much on my "to try" list. I have admired their website and they look like the definitely do the "designer cakes", but having not ordered one myself do not know cost/timing. Their website is:

    Happy birthday to your daughter!

    1. I would give Jerry's Foods in Eden Prairie a try. I believe they make all of their cakes either at Eden prairie or their Edina location and I'm sure they can put a frog on your daughter's cake at your request.

      1. We always go to Queen of Cakes in Edina. I've had some crazy requests for them in the past and they have delivered every time- love them!

        1. Thank you for the suggestions.

          By way of update -- we went with Cocoa and Fig in the end. They were super nice over the phone, e-mailed across a sketch of the cake design. The website is outstanding, and suggestive of truly skilled artisans. However, it does come at a significant price! But we decided that as a one-off, for the first birthday, we'll splurge.

          Of course, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, so I'll post after sunday with regards to how it all turned out, and importantly, what it tasted like!


          1. As promised: a brief report back. The cake design itself was perfect -- in fact, it was the major talking point of the party -- other than my daughter's general cuteness of course! There were little touches that showed the creative flair (e.g.a pink ribbon at the back of the frog's head) and were entirely appropriate for the occasion.

            Taste-wise: I personally prefer cakes with fresh cream fillings, which this wasn't. Everyone said that the cake was delicious, and it tasted pretty good. It was like most wedding cakes that I've tasted -- not my thing really. I would not say that the taste was over and above better than many other wedding-style cakes.

            It was fairly pricey -- getting a cake from a grocery store, even a fancy one, would have been less than half the price of this one. For a first birthday, an acceptable splurge, but at least for us, not for regular birthdays.

            Bottom line: I enjoyed the customer service experience. Cocoa and Fig certainly delivered on the wow factor of the design, and deserve their reputation of an excellent cake baker. But it comes at a reasonably hefty price.



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              Did you take a picture of the cake, and preferably one with with your daughter, so we could see it? Sounds precious.

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                I realize that I'm too late to help for this party, but wanted to share that Byerly's gives away a free cake for a child's first birthday, with a copy of the birth certificate. If nothing else, it make a great smash cake.

                I would also recommend A Baker's Wife in Minneapolis for super-tasty, but kind of random looking birthday cakes:

                3777 Park Center Blvd A, St Louis Park, MN

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                    hmmm, what's that purple thing on the side of the cake? looks like a pipe? anyway, I kind of like the weird randomness of the design. very toddler-like: "Shiny!" "oooh, what's *that*" "hmmm, I think I'll smush this, pull THIS out, and pop this non-edible bit in my mouth!"