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Jun 20, 2010 07:01 PM

Richmond, VA - Thai and Vietnamese Food?

So I've been living in DC for the past 2 years, and I've gotten very spoiled by good food. Now I'm back in Richmond and looking for something tasty to put in my tummy!

What's the best Thai restaurant in Richmond? I am obsessed with Floating Market Soup, but I can't find it anywhere!!! Are there any authentic Thai places in Richmond that have it?

Siam Paragon?
Thai Diner?
Tip Thai?

Pho So 1 will always be king, but what other Vietnamese restaurants are good?

Tell me about Da Lat and what I should order there, never been but heard it's good.

Any other Thai or Vietnamese restaurants I should check out?

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  1. Also, has anyone tried Tay Do's pho? It's a small pho place hidden behind Pho So 1. Some people say it's better.

    1. I haven't tried this place but am dying to based on friends' recommendations:

      Not only have folks given the food good reviews, but they also have an excellent selection of beer!

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        Love Mekong. My favorite Thai places are in Carytown....Thai Diner Too, Mom Siam and Ginger Thai.

        Mom Siam
        2811 W Cary St, Richmond, VA 23221

      2. For Pad Thai, I have to have Thai Diner (original out on W. Broad), probably bc that is where I had it first. Also their green curry, crispy whole fish in ginger w/scallions, and pumpkin curry (seasonal special i think). For Yum Woon Sen, I prefer Chadar Thai in the shopping center across from the original Thai Diner. Their heat level is just right and they grind up the shrimp. For SUPERDUPERHOT and folks on the northside, try Pad Thai out on Meadowbridge Road, close to the hospital and race track. They grow their own peppers (including I believe ghost peppers) and stuff is H.O.T. THeir pad prik khing is delicious. I usually get American hot but the last time i had it here i only got medium and it was still blazing. I find Tip Thai is skimpy on portions. And they will not give you the soup on the lunch specials if you order take out. To me its worth a drive over to broad street. In Carytown i have only tried Thai Diner TOo and Mom's Siam. I find the Broad Street places all better (less greasy to me), but if I still lived in the fan I would not necessarily make the trip out.

        For Vietnamese Mekong/Da Lat are great, but I find I prefer Vietnam Garden (new location in old Franco's) when i want a rice noodle salad and/or vegetable soup (great for a cold). Its more of a mom and pop kind of place. And they have an appetizer sized lotus root salad which is plenty for one. Mekong only offers a big lotus root salad, too much for me for one meal, and it doesn't always have the crispy rice/shrimp/whatever crackers.

        Pho - I agree on Pho So 1. Vietnam 1 is also really good, and Pho 79 over on Staples Mill.

        Try the Banh Mi (esp. #10) at the Asian Bakery in the strip next to Tan-A

        off to google floating market soup.........

        Vietnam Garden
        2404 Virginia Beach Blvd Ste 114, Virginia Beach, VA 23454

        Pho 79
        6909 Staples Mill Rd, Richmond, VA 23228

        Chadar Thai Restaurant
        8030 W Broad St Ste A, Richmond, VA 23294

        Asian Bakery Cafe
        6215 W Broad St, Richmond, VA 23230

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        1. re: katva

          If you like pho, you will love floating market soup. 2 places in the DC area that have it and nail it, check out Nava Thai in Wheaton, MD and Po Siam in Alexandria, VA. Check out the reviews on yelp and pictures of it. Floating market soup has a deep rich broth that is dark brown in color. So yummy...

          I never really cared for Mekong, it always seemed more catered towards Americans. The beer selection is great, but I'd rather have better food for a cheaper price and sacrifice the dining environment.

          I checked out Chadar Thai for dinner tonight. Pretty good. I don't think it's the best in Richmond, but I'd like to go back and try more things on their menu. Had the fish cakes (excellent) and the spicy noodle soup, which I thought would be like floating market, but it is totally different. It's more of an orange curry soup that is more tangy and bright. Floating Market soup is more deep and soulful. This was good though, just not what I was looking for. Also my thai ice coffee and a tad bit too much cream in it. I'm not sure if this place is 100% Thai, but maybe a mix of Thai and/or Burma or something. Not sure.

          I will continue to look for the best Thai and Vietnamese restaurants in Richmond...

        2. I think I've come to the conclusion that Thai Diner on Broad is the best Thai in Richmond. Thai chefs, Thai waitresses and good Thai food. I had the pumpkin green curry with chicken and it was great. Service was very professional and the waitresses actually care about the business and are able to make recommendations. I'll go back for the curry again, but I'd like to try to some other stuff. I think it's cool that you can look into the kitchen as you enter the restaurant and see them cooking.

          Thai food is suppose to make you pop and feel energized, not make you feel like a sloth or take a nap afterwords. In this case, the curry was fresh, light, not too heavy or creamy, filled with flavor but not overly spiced. I get kind of irritated when people order Thai food with no-spice or medium. Thai food is suppose to have a little kick to it! I always order my Thai food Thai-Hot. I use to love Chinese food, but after eating so much fresh and vibrant Thai food, Chinese food just tastes like nasty deep fried oily crap to me now. (sorry M. General Tso) Thai food rocks! (if prepared the right way)

          I asked about the floating market soup, my waitress knew exactly what it is but explained that nobody in Richmond served it. :-( She said they didn't have any cow blood, which is used to make the broth. I left this place feeling great. Thank God there is a good Thai place in Richmond, I'll be returning here frequently.

          Note: I still have not tried Tip Thai on Staples Mill Rd. Going to check it out soon.

          Tip Thai Restaurant
          8131 Staples Mill Rd, Richmond, VA 23228