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Jun 20, 2010 06:51 PM

tourist in NY

Hi All,

ok so i've read through a number of posts and taken in varying tips and people's favourites about where to eat whilst in NY - manhatten.

i guess the problem is that there is just so much information, and particularly when everyone voices their own different opinion. ultimately what you get is hundreds of recommendation to different places. and ultimately for a first timer to NY, im left just as directionless as i was before i started researching.

just wondering if there is a top 20 or so list of places to eat in NY. has one already been created on this website or other websites? I understand everyone has their favourites and hence one person's top 20 might differ from another's. but i guess unanimously, there would be a handful of restaurants/eateries/cafes/..heck even a hot dog cart...that people would agree upon as a must try

my partner and I are arriving in NY from Sydney, Australia, in late july and leaving early August (13days) to be spent solely on absorbing what NY city has to offer. 13 days means around 40 meals! so it'd be great to have some sort of comprehensive foodies list to tick off.

open to trying out everything - from street food to high end restaurants.
we've got the frommers NY guide and the Lonely Planet guide, but in addition to these, it would be great to have a list (if one exists) voted upon by locals or even those who ferquent NY city enough, to say... if you're in NY, you must try this place....


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  1. We live in California and only get to play tourist in NYC also. Let me suggest that you start by breaking it down into cuisines, i.e., Chinese, Italian, etc. and read the board that way. Manhattan (not to mention the other boroughs) is overwhelming and we'll never scratch the surface.

    1. this is not a great list but its not bad either.

      other small dishes not on this list that are musts:

      shake shack

      and a bunch others but im tired.

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        hey sam thanks for the list! very good indeed! will definitely use that

        oliver - thank you also. yes, as you pointed out, there is just so much information that only a local resident i think, could give you the best picture. the lonely planet guide (2008) was written by 4 co-authors all living in manhattan, so that im sure has to have some credibility. it';s like if someone came to Sydney, i could instantly point them to my fav top 10. but again it's very subjective

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          You can subscribe free to the New York Times online and then read reviews. Are there particular cuisines that you like? Also scroll to the bottom of this page and you'll see related topics. It's a worthwhile project :)

      2. See if this helps. I don't necessarily always agree with Time Out NY, but they're pretty consistently a good source of information - just just for restaurants, but also things going on in the city.

        1. The NY Times food critic, Sam Sifton, has his share of detractors, but for what it's worth here are his fifty current favorites in the city:

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            Sometimes i think Sam Sifton doesn't really eat out, he just remembers meals he had in the 1980's and hasn't bothered to check and find out that places like Shun Lee Palace and Il Cantinori are awful, tired restaurants...sad for the state of the NYTimes: fwiw: not much...

            But i don't mean to criticize you for posting the link!...i enjoyed scrolling down through his list and shaking my head in amused dismay :)

            Shun Lee Palace
            155 East 55th Street, New York, NY 10022

            Il Cantinori
            32 East 10th Street, New York, NY 10003

          2. You might search the internet for 'best of new york' and similar. There will be various top # lists.

            You could spend the day hitting various street vendors. (note: Cab fare will add up, July will be humid)

            hot dog cart - The quality of cart hot dogs has declined, I would suggest Gray;s Papaya or similar. Did I mention hot and humid?

            An interesting excursion would be to take the #7 train out to Queens were it is elevated to rooftop height. See posts on queens. You can just get out around 82nd Street – Jackson Heights and walk under the tracks back to Manhattan, plenty of places along the way.

            Quality of pizza various tremendously so you might want to check various lists.

            See posts on BBQ. Pastrami. To see which restaurants are still on the approved list.

            Caribbean: see posts for Jerk Chicken
            Upscale and fairly deep in Brooklyn is

            If you go to Coney Island (Cyclone Roller coaster) It is near Brighton Beach with it's Russian/slavic food. Very deep inside Brooklyn.