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Jun 20, 2010 06:41 PM

where can i purchase fresh quail eggs,petite beets,petite fresh champignons for pickling in miami?

I'm seeking to pickle fresh quail eggs,small beets,petite champignon mushrooms etc.Where can i purchase these ingredients in miami area(i live in south beach) at a good price?If anyone has a favorite pickling recipe for these ingredients as well as for petite carrots,caulifower,jalapenos,please share them with me.Thank you in advance.

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  1. I see quail eggs in just about any supermarket - even Publix. Baby beets are tougher to find. Occasionally you'll come across some smaller ones, red or golden, at Whole Foods, but usually they're big honkers - though I suspect you can cut them down into quarters and then pickle them with little consequence. Not sure what type of mushroom you want to use, but plain white button mushrooms are also pretty easy to find, though again size is sort of luck of the draw.

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      thanks for the tip dave-shoot me an email when the next cobaya or pizza crawl happens now that stonecrab season is over.Trying my hand at pickling for some summer income.I need whole tiny mushrooms to fit one chef's request for pickled items.The kind that are in the gallon jars at costco,etc but not already pickled.