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Bumper crop of tarragon - your ideas please!

My tarragon is already growing like a weed this year. I've recently seen a suggestion here of a strawberry/tarragon jam, which sounds intriguing. I'm not a huge sweets fan, so what do you do on the savory side when you find yourself with a lot of this delicious, but rather particular, herb?

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      Well, why was my search-fu so awful!?! Thanks GHG, as always!

      Thought I'd already tried that...

      I just whipped together a little spread with some yogurt cheese and a bit of garlic. It's awesome!

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        did you set the sort to "Relevance" and the date to "All Years?"


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          Well, I **thought** I did. But apparently not!

    2. Lucky, lucky you. How about pesto, and if it's great, freeze a bunch in jars?

      1. I love baby scallops broiled in butter and tarragon over vermicelli.

        1. classically, tarragon pairs wonderfully with any egg preparation.

          again classically, tarragon chicken in a french cream sauce is wonderful.

          i know you said no sweets-- but i am lately obsessed with whipping the good local farm cream (not homogenized) with tarragon and serving over berries and peaches, making fruit shortcakes, etc. i may soon try an ice cream. i like a little fresh tarragon in lemonade, sometimes.

          1. chicken salad. and onion soup. +1 on the infused vinegar.

            1. Infused oil
              Add to deviled eggs
              Creamy dressing for chicken or turkey salad with roasted grapes

              1. I love to do Leeks with Scallops and/or Halibut and Tarragon --- simply with garlic, leeks, braised in broth and dash of white wine, and lemon and tarragon to finish... i cook the leeks and garlic down first, then scooch them over in the pan and add the fish or shellfish. serve over spaghetti squash.

                also love seared scallops, deglazed with lemon, a little half and half or evaporated milk, white wine, and tarragon. with some grilled or roasted asparagus.

                1. I adore tarragon. I snip it into salads; mix with mayo and yogurt as a dipping sauce for artichokes or snap peas; mix with olive oil, lemon juice, salt and pepper to dress steamed or boiled new potatoes; or try this yummy chicken recipe (from bon appetit via The Bitten Word): http://www.thebittenword.com/thebitte...

                  1. Tarragon vinegar is a must-have in my kitchen. You should make a good sized bottle or two, and some for friends. Fruity apple cider vinegar is the best choice for tarragon vinegar.

                    The vinegar makes a good viniagrette for beet and orange salads. Makes a good vinegar base for orange tarragon mayonaise for lobster, shrimp or crab salad. Use in the viniagrette for marinating mixed mushrooms. Excellent for French style viniagrette dressed potato salad. Fresh chopped tarragon is the classic herb for Chicken Kiev and Lobster Thermidor. It goes well with many vegetables, asparagus, artichokes, green beans, cucumber salads, carrots, tomatoes. It's use with seafood, like salmon, swordfish, tuna and shrimp, egg dishes, omelets, and sauteed or braised chicken dishes is a nice change from more commonly used herbs. It works well with lemon, orange, white wine, leeks, garlic, capers, olives, basil, chervil, citrus, fesh berries, like raspberries and strawberries, and tomatoes. It makes a good flavored mustard also.

                    1. Also, freeze it in little packages so it goes a long way.

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                        Yes, when I saw the headline I was going to suggest that--it freezes well, I used to tie it in bunches and snip it without thawing (if you're quick anyway).

                      2. In addition to Bernaise and Chicken, I like it with grapefruit sections, or cantelope slices. And one experiment with fennel, fresh white corn, tarragon, clarified butter and fish turned out well.

                        1. Lots of people have already mentioned tarragon and chicken in various incarnations; here's a specific recipe. My husband would eat this once a week if I let him, and I'm often tempted.


                          1. Salmon with Lentils and Mustard Herb Butter:


                            We grill our salmon on a cedar plank. I use Woeber's Reserve mustard. The french green lentils can be hard to find, but worth the search. This recipe is the reason I grow tarragon. Simple, easy and SO delicious!

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                              Take a big bunch and stuff it into the cavity of a chicken(already seasoned with s&p). Then either roast it or put it on the rotisserie on the grill. That's what we're doing for dinner tonight. Delish!

                            2. I use it in potato salad, tuna salad, scrambled eggs, asparagus quiche, steamed lobster

                              1. Last year I made a batch of tarragon shallot butter and put it in the freezer. It was nice on steak, chicken, bread, and adds a nice touch to sauces as well.

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                                  I did a similar thing last year. It was great to pull out some tarragon butter in the middle of winter for chicken. Tasted really fresh.

                                  Because at the end of the season there's more than we can use, I was thinking of making tarragon butter for end-of-the-season gifts for people.