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Jun 20, 2010 06:21 PM

Corona Trifecta, summer bliss

Perfect Father's Day--Miniature Golf at The Hall of Science, Carousel Ride, walk in Flushing Meadow Park,,,,and then off to the Corona Trifecta, Empanada's (Parque Cafe, 108th/Van Doren)--Tortilla Nixtimal--yummy fresh gaucomole with amazing tortilla chips, chicken tacos, and Timmy's Frozen Custard--Best Vanilla Milkshake ever, and Best scoop--Go if you haven't gone, and keep going--nice people, great chow...

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  1. that's the new wave trifecta. I wonder what the old school trifecta would be.
    Lemon Ice, definitely in.
    rincon criollo? parkside?
    bocce ball?

    I love corona. might be my favorite neighborhood in nyc.

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    1. re: Jeffsayyes

      Old school would have been the deceased chicken parm from the Corona Heights Pork Store, Lemon Ice King--Haven't been to Rincon Criollo in awhile, but used to frequent it a lot....however, it never measured up to my favorite places in Miami--so, a trifecta needs to leave comparison out the door, it needs to be wholly its own.--also, used to be into a few things at Corona Pizza, but it's slipped from its heyday----Parkside can be good for certain things---but King Umberto blows it away in, into that place lately....and well, Leo's Latticini, Mama's can make a mean sandwich.

      Leo's Latticini
      46-02 104th St, Queens, NY 11368

      Corona Pizza
      51-23 108th St, Queens, NY 11368

      Rincon Criollo Restaurant
      4009 Junction Blvd, Corona, NY 11368

      1. re: janie

        how about one of the Argentinian . gauchito or something. But there, it's a complete meal. you won't havfe room for more food.

        1. re: janie

          Janie, I grew up in Corona in the late 70s. The pizza (or my memory of it, however flawed) at the old Corona Pizza is still the standard by which I measure all slices I eat nowadays. I'm no pizza maven, but I do try to take note of slices I try across the city. Sadly, nothing to date has measured up.

          1. re: nooyawka

            There's a new pizza place in Corona, on Roosevelt in th 100s, I believe. called Pizza Box. opened last week. I think it is owned by an italian guy, which surprised me. pizzza didn't look bad, I will have to try it soon.

        2. re: Jeffsayyes

          I love Corona too and had to laugh because we rode our bikes out there on Saturday for our own Corona Trifecta:

          The Lemon Ice King of Corona as an appetizer
          Tortilleria Nixtamal for tamales and tacos
          Timmy-O's for frozen custard for dessert

          Kind of a mix between the new and old waves. With a stop on the way back at Lelenita's Bakery at 83rd & Roosevelt for my favorite Colombian treat, sort of a mildly sweet cheese scone I think called achilas.

          1. re: Jeffsayyes

            Have to add that Timmy-0's was featuring a special flavor frozen custard, Mocha Chip, that was unreasonably good. Why hasn't any entrepreneur swooped down to partner with him? I'd think that with some resources (truck/s and/or additional outlets) he'd be KILLING around town! What a little gem is relatively hidden there in Corona.