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Jun 20, 2010 05:51 PM

Charlotte Indian Food

Had dinner at blue taj last evening, Ordered app platter for 2 and it came with one shrimp, one piece of salmon etc. I asked the waiter if Mrs. G and I should duke it out to see who gets the shrimp. With this system she would kick my butt and I would never get fed. OK not a problem so far. It was very strange that we had to wait as they ran short of menus. The place was not packed. Come on guys be a sport and spring for some more menu covers. I mean you do want to be packed - right? The main dish Lamb Saag was flavorful but I would have liked if they would have asked how hot I would have liked it as it could have much hotter for my taste. It was very creamy and perhaps a bit too rich to my taste. My # 1 Indian place is Saffron in Ardsley. The flavors are spot on and they can make dishes mild for Mrs.. G or hot for me perfectly each time.

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  1. I liked the two or three meals I had at Tamarind and was sorry to see they couldn't make a go of it. The lunch buffet at Bombay Grille has always been pretty solid. I'm not an expert on Indian food but as much as I've enjoyed our trips to Copper, some of the dishes have reminded me of baby food! We keep going because it's one of the prettiest spots in Charlotte.

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      If you enjoy copper you will probably enjoy blue taj. Same owners and very similar in menu and vibe.

    2. I love Indian food, hands down, my favorite is Woodland's Vegetarian Indian Restaurant on Albamarle Road. It is a total dive, not much to look at, very dreary, but the food is the best! It is also the least expensive of all Indian in Charlotte. They offer Northern and Southern Indian. Just talking about it, makes me want to go get carryout!

      1. SF (silicon valley) eater dropped by for a bite. Blue Taj is close to my aunt and uncle's place.

        Rather impressed. Some unusual dishes like Gobi Manchurian, as well as lots of old favorites. Everything was well prepared and high quality. I couldn't quite tell where the owners or chef was from.

        I would consider everything under-spiced (just low-impact, I don't mean hot) in general (sampling my companions).

        I did get Lamb Vindaloo (which they amusingly spelled Vin D'Alu, don't know what they know), and I asserted to them that I wanted it "proper vindaloo" and they delivered. I've had better, sure, but of the US Vindaloos I've had it would be in the top 5.

        Space was a little loud. Price seemed good to me but I'm used to SF.