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Jun 20, 2010 04:48 PM

I want mochi! Where to find a lot of it (and fresh)

At a friend's wedding last year, I was impressed that she had a fresh platter of mochi as part of her reception (It was in Maryland) I would also really like to get a platter of fresh mochi for my own wedding without breaking the bank. I might even consider them as favors.

Can you suggest anyplace I could get them in the Boston/New England area? I'm almost willing to ask a friend bring them up from NYC a few days beforehand if anyone has reccs there even. (Besides the pre-refrigerated ones at Hmart or C-Mart)

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  1. The big ones at hmart are the closest I've ever come around here for decent mochi :-P

    1. I don't know of anyone making or selling really fresh mochi in New England.

      1. Berryline is now making fresh mochi as a topping for their yogurt. I don't know that they sell it separately though. I tried it for the first time on Saturday, and it was quite good - much better than whatever they were using before.

        1. Are you looking for a specific type of mochi, e.g., just the flavored mochi balls, or a type of sweet, like daifuku?

          If you want specifically Japanese style mochi, I have not seen these made fresh, I don't know of any. There was a recent thread of someone asking about wagashi, but the consensus seems that only the pre-packaged/manufactured ones are found here.

          If you enjoy the texture of mochi and want something very fresh, there is a dessert in Chinese bakeries called "nuo mai chi". This is essentially mochi with a sweet peanut-y and coconut filling. This is made fresh locally. Probably not great as a give away though, as they're bigger than the dango-style mochi.

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            That chinese dessert is a different texture...kinda blobby (not as solid and more sticky) as mochi. Don't try swallowing a big chunk of it so it sticks in your throat...did that once when I was younger :-P

            1. re: Spike

              That's the issue with Japanese mochi too. Apparently a number of people actually choke when they eat mochi on New Year's Day. :( It just depends on how the mochi is used.

          2. I bought some frozen sweet rice cakes today at HMart. They are the Korean-style ones (tteok?) so not exactly mochi but they are WONDERFUL. I just tried the small ones but it looked like they had some larger ones too, possbily with fillings. The brand name is Nuri Food, $2.99 for twelve ~1-inch cakes (pumpkin, black sweet rice, and pine nut flavors). If you stand in the frozen foods section with your back to the registers, they're in the standing freezer case on the right, halfway down just before the break for the aisle.