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Jun 20, 2010 04:31 PM

What do you eat when you really don't feel like eating?

My throat's very sore and I feel generally unwell, so I'm not really hungry. But I'm starting to feel more unwell from not eating enough for three days! I think something will be appetising, but 95% of the time it either tastes horrible, the texture is wrong, the smell is vile enough to put me off even tasting it, or else I eat two bites and I'm done. This weekend almost everything that's touched my lips has ended up in the trash can with one bite taken out of it, even all the things that I usually adore like fresh bread and homemade pizza. When I get sick I usually reach straight for the dairy products and eat yoghurt and pudding, but this time they taste horrible too.

The only things that have tasted really good to me were biscuits and gravy at the diner on saturday (lovely salty rich comforting gravy with lots of sausage in it), and a roasted chicken from the grocery store (lovely salty, soft perfectly-cooked chicken.) I just heated up a can of chicken soup and the broth is comforting but the noodles still taste horrible. :( What would you eat if you were me?

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  1. Progresso Chickarina or Italian Wedding soup.

    1. i'm sorry to hear you're under the weather :( just an FYI, strep seems to be going around, so if you have the symptoms you should see your doctor.

      when i *really* don't want to eat but know i have to get some sustenance in me, it's one of the following:
      - scrambled eggs
      - baked potato
      - buttered noodles (back when i could eat them!) or rice

      1. I don't buy canned soup with the exception of a couple cans of Campbell's Chicken Noodle for just in case of times like those with either saltines crumbled over the top or buttered toast to soak in the broth is what I normally have. And ice cream

        1. How about more biscuits and gravy? Get a takeout order from the same diner perhaps?

          1. I like to make my quick bastardized version of stratacelli soup... favorite brand of boxed chicken stock. I like the College Inn rotisserie chicken brand. Heat enough for a bowl in a small saucepan with a couple tablespoons of minced onion. Let that simmer for a couple minutes, bring to a boil and stir in thin spaghetti, broken into short lengths - I use maybe 12-15 strands. Cook until al dente, and pour a beaten egg into the soup over fork tines. Serve with grated parmesan.

            And sometimes it's Lays potato chips and ginger ale.