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Philly Cheesesteaks in Boston?

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I'm having a craving for a Philly cheesesteak... I personally like the ones from D'Allesandros, but there are differences of opinion...
Anyone have a recommendation for where a good Philly-style cheesesteak can be had, preferably North of Boston?

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  1. I've never encountered a Philly cheesesteak north of Boston or anywhere else around here. I'm curious to see if there actually are any. Man up and have a *real* steak & cheese! LOL.

    1. Yeah, no. Steak sandwiches, we have: Philly style, not so much.


      1. A friend of mine has talked about cheesesteaks at Sandwich King at Lowell before. I've never been, so you I can't personally guarantee anything, but if your expectations are set right (i.e. don't go to Chicago and then complain that the pizza "Just isn't like it is back home in New York" as someone I know did) I'm sure it'll satisfy a craving.

        Sandwich King
        361 Bridge St, Lowell, MA 01850

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          I'm sure there are a dozen places within a mile radius of the OP where he can get a "cheese steak".

        2. Generally, one should look for Phillly cheesesteaks in....Philly, not Boston.

          Old big thread for reference:


          1. Never been...and don't care to look it up, but I have heard of that Willy's Philly's place in Maynard.
            Maybe worth a shot?

            1. I recall someone claiming that the #9 at local sub chain D'Angelo is something like a Phillie cheese steak, and it's not bad as chain subs go, but it's not Phillie, either.


              1. Most places here use the 'un spray' cheese.

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                  You're thinking of E-Z Cheez, Philly cheesesteaks take Cheez Wiz. It's a completely different fluorescent orange cheese food product. But you're right, that is hard to find on a steak and cheese around here.

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                      Willy's Phillies in Maynard does one with onions and cheese wiz. It's a pretty solid offering. They have attempted to recreate the original even sourcing their meat from the same purveyors the PA shops use, i think. Either way, i'm always more than satisfied after i have one.

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                        Since this thread was resurrected: Willy's Phillies closed earlier in the year. I am still hoping to check out Cutty's upscale version of a Roast Pork Italian (with an open mind), but for a real Philly experience I think its US Air or Amtrak.

                        1. re: itaunas

                          Fly Southwest and make US Airways pay for the years of price gouging as the only direct to PHL.

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                            Ah Southwest, were your bags fly free, but you have to pay extra to sit next to your wife. Last trip I took with them I imagined our bags sitting in the hold next to each other having a grand ol' time, while my wife and I were seperated by 10 rows of seats. All I could think of is if the plane went down, I wouldn't be able to hold my wife's hand. The other airlines should make that into a commercial.

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                      Really, cheez wiz? My hubby grew up outside of Philly and swears it should only be white American cheese, preferably Land o Lakes. (I asked him if he'd had a decent cheesesteak in Boston and he simply said, No).

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                        At the risk of going off-board, Cheez Wiz, provolone, and American are all acceptable options, but Philadelphians will argue ad nauseam about which one is best. (Or maybe the nauseam is from the cheesesteak.) I favor provolone but a wiz one sure hits the spot on occasion. I suppose mozzarella is OK, too.

                        Swiss, as Sen. Kerry discovered, is right out.

                        I think the roll, the way the meat is cooked with the onions, and the lack of the wiz option are what make it hard to find a Philly cheesesteak up here. But I can live with a good Boston steak and cheese and savor the real thing when I'm back in Philly.

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                          at Willy's phillies, the roll is pretty good, they cook the steak with the onions and add the wiz. It'll never be a philly beause we're in MA. But everyone i know that's had one has been pretty satisfied with it.

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                        Philadelphia Steak and Hoagie in the Fanieul Hall Marketplace has cheese wiz. It's actually not a bad sandwich, not great, but not bad. Pat's King of Steaks in Philly now, that is a great f****ng sandwich

                        1. re: devilham

                          In a side by side taste test my three sons and I voted 3-1 preferring Pat's to Geno's. However we all unanimously agreed that Tony Luke's was easily superior to either one!

                    3. We usually hit a few big name Philly cheesesteak restaurants when visiting Philly. I really dont see what is so great about them. My favorite around here is Carl's in Waltham. Much better than Philly!

                      1. Being from the philadelphia area, I haven't found anything up here even close. One of the most difficult things up here is the bread. Nobody has any kind roll that approaches what you can get in nyc/mid-atlantic area. I've tried to buy them to make cheese steaks and it's almost impossible. You can go to a deli and ask to buy some of their rolls, but forget just buying a bag of them. And they still aren't quite right (although Deluca's on newbury is pretty good).

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                          That's definitely a huge factor. It's not just the cheese. The bread comes directly from South Philly Italian bakeries. While Carl's definitely fulfills the "I need 14 pounds of meet in me right now" craving, the bread in no way compares to a steak shop in Philadelphia.

                          I was looking for a place to have a cheesesteak to commemorate the beginning of the 6th season of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia tonight, but it looks it's not to be found. Oh well.

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                            >While Carl's definitely fulfills the "I need 14 pounds of meet in me right now" craving, the bread in no way compares to a steak shop in Philadelphia.


                            Nor does the hamburger like chopped meat.

                        2. No Philly style steaks to be had around here, but I can tell you one thing. The pastrami sandwich I had for lunch at LaGrassa's on Tue (before heading to South Station) was way more satisfying than the traditional (whiz & onion) cheesesteak I had at Tony Luke's for dinner in Philly that evening.

                          No back to the salad bar for awhile...