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Jun 20, 2010 03:43 PM

steak and sushi

getting together with old friends who do not keep kosher, but we do. Looking for nice place in NYC for steak and sushi. I think Prime Grill does both, but may be a bit too expensive. Any other suggestions?

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  1. Try Prime KO. It's owned by the same people as Prime Grill, but is a little more reasonable.

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    1. re: avitrek

      thanks! will look into that; haven't been there yet.

    2. Second the recommendation for Prime KO (or Prime Grill - for truly amazing steaks).

      1. non-kosher people won't be impressed with kosher sushi.
        some specialty caterers do ok, but the in-house guys stink,
        especially since the fish turn over is so low - it's rarely fresh.

        kosher places like to over cook their steaks, so make sure
        you order the steak 1 cooked level under what he's used to,
        so if he wants a medium steak, ask for it to be broiled rare.

        there are some good steak houses in Brooklyn & Queens,
        in case you don't mind the drive -
        in order to save money on food and parking.

        this is not an impressive place, just a good clean
        busy affordable Mediterranean style steakhouse;
        no sushi - but in house baked goods make up for it.

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        1. re: Joe Berger

          I have brought non-kosher people who were quite impressed with the Sushi at the Prime Grill and Abigaels -

          1. re: Joe Berger

            Prime Grill and Prime KO have an absolute genius for their Sushi chef (i've met him on numerous occassions as I am often there and very much enjoy their sushi and sashimi) - Chef Kame is very exacting with his standards and will not use substandard fish. While it is true that certain fish typically used for sushi is not Kosher (i.e. eel) I have taken many business associates and personal friends that are not Jewish or not observant to these restaurants and they have been very impressed with the taste and quality of the sushi. While I have nothing to personally compare to (as I am observant) Prime Grill's steaks (based on the comments of the aforementioned friends and business associates) are of similar quality and taste to those of Peter Luger's (minus the butter, obviously!)

            1. re: brooklynkoshereater

              Thanks, all. I will look up menu at Prime KO, but it sounds good and I always like to try somewhere new. I know that the sushi is obviously different from what you would eat in a non-kosher place -- but I think my non-kosher friends underdstand that!

          2. so I just looked at the menus for both Prime KO and Abigael's, and Abigael's is more appealing and seems somewhat more reasonably priced. Does anyone have thoughts on which is better? and can you get sushi in the downstairs part of Abigael's, or only in the separate upstairs part? thanks so much!

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            1. re: rmgmitz

              I have not eaten at Prime KO so I can not really compare - Abigael's I have eaten at a number of times and enjoy it and I believe Sushi can be served downstairs -

              For comments on Prime KO you can check out this thread which by and large has been very positive -

              1. re: rmgmitz

                Abigael's serves sushi downstairs. When you sit down, they give you a regular menu and pan asian menu. I've had several dishes from the pan asian menu, and all were excellent.

                We've brought non kosher and non jewish clients to Abigael's and they all loved it. There's a lot on the menu, but it's not overwhelming, and there is something for everyone. Timing is usually very good- if you order sushi as an entree it will come with the other diners entrees.

                1. re: rmgmitz

                  Abigael's low ceiling winding basement dining room is quieter and more private than Prime KO, while Prime KO would be better for UWS people watching as a Jewish cultural event. So it depends how you mean to "entertain" your non kosher friends - with just the food, or the venue as well. timing may also matter if you like crowds, as Abigail's is a pre-Broadway show dinner (before 8pm) place, while Prime KO's engine just starts to get moving after 8pm when the Fruppie dates show up.