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Jun 20, 2010 03:34 PM

Coupeville WA(Whidbey Island) family friendly restaurant

Hello, our family will be visiting Whidbey island next week. We will be staying overnight in Coupeville at the Lovejoy Inn. After much research, I can't seem to find anyplace open for dinner that would work for 2 adults and one 9 yr old. The Oystercatcher isn't open on wednesday, Christopher's seems too fancy. Toby's Tavern is a bar, Mosquito fleet galley is only open til 4, etc. Anybody have some advice on where we can go or should we drive to another part of the island? Thank you.

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  1. It's been a while since I was there, but Christopher's in Coupeville has been reliably good - family-run place which is family-friendly, island sophisticated. It's on the end of the street nearest the museum. If it's as good as it used to be, should be perfect for you and yours.

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      We were in Whidbey Island last month, what a beautiful place! We had lunch at Mosquito Fleet and loved it, everything was so fresh and the views are beautiful. If you want to stay right in town, you might want to check out Kim's Cafe on the pier there. If you don't mind driving a bit, in Freeland there is Gordon's on Blueberry Hill, we dined there and it was awesome! The food was fantastic and beautifully presented and you will have water views there, also. Have fun! :)

    2. There is a new restaurant on C-ville called Kimo's hawaiian Barbecue. There is also a new pub in town at the Grey Goose B&B. You can go to the pub and order food from Kimos - the best of both worlds. Christophers is great, as is Thai at the Cove. Kims on the wharf is truly family friendly as Kim's kids wait tables and play piano. You can't go wrong in Coupeville!