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Jun 20, 2010 03:09 PM

Beef ribs in Pasadena-area

I know Father's Day a crazy time to be asking this but any ideas for beef ribs in Pasadena other than Tony Roma's? Thanks!

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  1. Even though Robin's in very inconsistent, their beefs ribs are pretty good.

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    1. re: reality check

      My experiences with Robin's beef ribs have been consistently bad. The beef ribs weren't smoked for long enough, were under-seasoned, and tough. The only thing I have liked of theirs is the blueberry cornbread.

    2. I've only tried the pork baby back ribs at Stone Fire Grill and liked it, so I'm just assuming their beef ribs would be good too. It's only a couple of doors down from Robin's.

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      1. re: chowchow12345678

        Don't know Stone Fire Grill but I'll check it out. Thanks.

        1. re: mocro

          I don't think Stonefire has beef ribs (at least the one near me doesn't), just baby back pork. I can't agree with Chowvhow on the pork rins. They were too dry and smoky for me. The sauce that comes with it was too sweet for my taste.