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Jun 20, 2010 01:18 PM

Dressing for fruit salad?

Besides whipped cream, do any of you toss your fruit salads with anything? Any kind of sauce or dressing?

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  1. For a basic fruit salad, I'm partially to a little honey, if the fruit needs a touch of sweetness, a squeeze of citrus, lemon or lime, and some Gran Marnier. The fruit will release it's own juices, that's all the dressing I need.

    1. Sometimes I'll use yogurt, a little honey, orange rind.

      1. Hello, VeniVidiBitchy.

        Fruit salad seems so simple, doesn't it?

        I usually have it with just a squeeze of orange juice (provided my fruit is perfectly sweet, fragrant and delicious).

        But the best one I've ever eaten was straight from the fridge with a light sugar syrup dressing. ie. a little boiled up sugar and water. Simple as that.

        There was something of the ambrosia about that cold sweetness mixed with the very small fruit pieces and the inclusion of firm black and white grapes cut in half. They "popped" in your mouth perfectly.

        Bon appetit!

        1. Yogurt and brown sugar.

          1. This is my own creation that I came up with for a Christmas party way back in 1985. I've shared it here before, and it works great as a dip for fresh fruit on a buffet or as a dressing for fruit salad.

            1 pint of sour cream
            1 rounded tablespoon of newly crushed coriander seeds.
            1 rounded tablespoon of creamed horseradish
            1 rounded tablespoon of sugar

            I crush my coriander with a mortar and pestle, but I'm sure an electric spice grinder will work too. Combine all of the ingredients, mix well, cover and put in the refrigerator to age for at least an hour before serving. I know. It sounds like a bizarre mixture, but try it! You'll like it! '-)