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Jun 20, 2010 12:55 PM

Mr. Taco

Can anyone shed any light on this place? Apparently has a couple Chicago locations and just opened up a shop in Miami (which is my reason for asking). Don't see anything on this board.

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  1. Are you sure that the ones in Chicago are the same as the ones in Miami? There are a few places called Mr. Taco in the Chicago area. They don't even seem to be related to each other AFAIK.

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      Though I don't currently have it in front of me, the flyer for the recently opened shop here in Miami said so.

    2. Hi, I live about 6 blocks away from one of these Mr Taco places. I've lived in the same house for 7 years now. I went to the Mr Taco exactly once. I pass by it at least four times a week. I LOVE Mexican food. I went to Mr Taco exactly once. When I go to a new Mexican place, I always try to sample as much as I can. I tried the Carne Asada, pollo, and pastor. I recall that the chicken was not half bad. My impression was that it was all standard tacqueria fare being slopped out with no pride. I can think of three Mexican places I'd rather go to within the same radius of where I live. I'm not saying it was horrible at all, it was just standard Chicago tacqueria fare - nothing to set it apart from 100's of others. I really wished it was something better because it's so close to me. Again, not horrible food at all, just nothing good, or special in any way.

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        Mr. Taco was the first "Mexican" restaurant in the Cicero and Berwyn area besides Pepe's.It was a late night staple for many of us after a night of partying.Many local people in the area still eat there.I remember once the health department closed them down and people were waiting outside for them to reopen. Mr.Taco introduced many people in Berwyn and Cicero to mexican food.I haven't been there in years but it sure cured the late night munchies at the time.

      2. There is a MR. Taco near where I live...not sure if it is part of the chain, but we ate there one and only one time.