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Jun 20, 2010 11:10 AM

Need updated advice on convection - toaster oven purchase please

After almost 10 years, my DeLongi convection oven heat rod has died (sigh...). I loved my small convection oven cooking for two. Have done alot of research on this board and am still confused. Would like a smaller convection at a smaller price due to both DH and I losing our jobs, but have to replace this kitchen item.
would appreciate advice on brand and any links for the best price.


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  1. I have the Cuisinart BRK-200 for over a year now, haven't used my regular oven since. It has convection feature + pizza stone. It's big enough to roast a chicken in, make pies etc. I think I have only used my regular oven twice since I got it...once to make big batches of cupcakes and another was a pork roast in my dutch oven.

    The model has been discontinued for a while, but you can get it from Smartbargains (that's where I got mine from) for a good price. Also google for smartbargains coupons will get you percentages off too.

    Note the difference between the BRK-100 & 200...the 100 does not have the convection feature. It's not clear from the product description or even Cuisinart's web site.


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      Yeah, I don't think the Cuisinart brick ovens (BRK-100 and BRK-200) sell very well, which is why it is discontinued. So what is the selling point of having brick walls in the oven? Is it to stabilize temperature?

      1. re: Chemicalkinetics

        Another possible reason it didn't sell well could be the's definitely way too big and heavy to claim to be a toaster oven.
        I suppose the side brick walls (which are not removable) are to stabilize the temperature. The bottom stone is removable (just rests on the bottom rack).

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          Oh yes, many people complain about the size too. It is really a 2/3rd toaster coven 1/3rd full size oven. Yet, this is exactly the reason why you can bake a small size pizza in it.

          I remember vaguely about the brick is to stabilize temperature fluctuation. However, did you notice any major heating delay?

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            I haven't notice any heating delay. And it heats very evenly. If anything, it cooks things more quickly then a conventional oven. But I don't know how much of each is related to the stone and/or convection's my first experience with both.
            My previous experience with toaster oven was a cheap Black and Decker... and that ended with nachos bursting into flames. It took me a few years to recover from that experience, and I have no regrets getting the Cuisinart.

            1. re: gnomatic

              Sorry, about brother you. I have for some time interested in it because frankly it just sounds kind of cool to have a little brick oven. I mean who doesn't like the idea of brick oven chicken drumstick or brick oven pizza. Now, I am suggesting that it really works like a real big brick oven, but it still sounds cool.

              I should have clarify my question more.

              I believe your BRK-200 can be operated in the convection mode and the normal mode. I understand the convection mode is faster, but did you notice any delay when using the "normal" mode? Thanks.

              1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                It is a cool little oven, pizza (be it fresh made, frozen or heating) are great in it. Roast chicken was evenly roasted, and skin very crispy.

                I naven't notice any delay when I used it in normal mode. And it very quick for broiling (I made french onion soup in it).

    2. Def, there have been several recent exchanges mentioning convection toaster ovens, with the Breville being so strongly recommended that I just got one. See (search for 'toaster' w/i that). I will also try to dig up another recent thread that was exclusively about toaster ovens, that also recommended the Breville.

      The link above lists the negatives I found (overall, I'm very happy w the unit). Also, I've read elsewhere (e.g., on Amazon) that the 'smart' part sometimes malfunctions, leading the oven to be on when it says it's turned off (and when it's supposed to have turned off), and also (more commonly) that the temperature can vary by as much as 150 degrees F from what it should be, leading to undercooked food or the need to cook longer than stated.

      But I am likely still going to stay with this one bc the pros I tk outweigh the cons (and honestly, I don't want to start looking all over again).

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        Here's another link, with a strong rec by BobB, who is very responsive on these boards:

        There is one more that I will try to dig up..

        Also, the reviews on Williams Sonoma and Amazon are almost unequivocally strong (with the exception of the issues I list in my prior post above). You should check them out.

        1. re: iyc_nyc

          One more link:

          Also, note per my link in the above post that Breville now offers a smaller less expensive version of their well-received smart oven. The smaller version is a 4-slice (i believe) that retails for around 180, a/v at Williams Sonoma and might be less at Amazon.

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            Thank you all so much - I did find several threads on this subject and all were very helpful.

            I'm having difficulty deciding whether we need a convection but from what I gathered reading all the threads if one is using a small toaster oven cooking for two it does help alot with the even heating so I can't think why not spend the extra $$ for the convection.

            Appreciate all the advice!