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Jun 20, 2010 11:05 AM

Polpo-Greenwich-we won't be returning

Went to Polpo for the first time last night with my BF and my mom for her bday. Arrived at 7 with a reservation and they seated us right away. The food was good as appetizers were the grilled octopus, a chopped salad and the breaded clams. Main courses were chicken, the lobster salad and a seafood pasta. All were tasty....the problem was with the service. We were checked on about every 7 to 10 minutes by either a waiter, the manager or the owner who obviously wanted to turn over the table. After about the 12th time and mind you we were only at the table for 1.5 hours, they hovered over wi the the bill. This I have never seen before and we will never go back.

554 Old Post Rd, Greenwich, CT 06830

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  1. Yup, I hear you. We went a couple of times, service was so bad in so many ways my husband refuses to go back. Too bad, great octopus!!

    1. The food is always good, and the service is always lousy.

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        go later in the evening when it's not prime time rush hour and the service is perfect since they care less about turning tables and let you relax. it can be a totally different dining experience. when it's busy the food is often middle of the road. when they are not slammed it's been super.

        1. re: cubanat

          i am not a fan of their food or service. The only time I went, for my wife's bday, we waited over an hour for our entrees to come out, all they offered us was a free dessert, no thank you, i'd rather go to Dairy Queen! Also, you can't charge $28 for a plate of pasta when the pasta isnt even homemade. The place is a joke and anyone that knows good pasta would never give this place any recognition for their pasta dishes.