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Jun 20, 2010 10:19 AM

Problems at Flushing Mall (hopefully short-term)


Tried to go to the Flushing Mall food court today, but found it has been almost entirely closed due to health code violations. Several of the stalls (including Xian and the dumpling place at the far right) had those yellow "CLOSED FOR VIOLATIONS" stickers. Even the stalls that didn't have those stickers weren't serving food -- for instance Chengdu Snack, where the older woman who usually cooks was shooing people away.

Xian had someone who seemed to be doing some cleaning, but several of the other places were just empty.

Only the place at the far left, next to Xian, seemed unaffected and was serving food.

Hopefully they'll get things cleared up reasonably soon -- obviously no one goes there expecting the most healthful kitchen conditions.

  1. what a disappointment. we went there yesterday and everyone seemed shellshocked. i know it's grungy, but still, i've never gotten sick there.

    1. Folks, since we allow brief announcements of this nature, but prefer that people not engage in speculation around causes, etc, we're going to lock this thread.