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Jun 20, 2010 09:42 AM

Prime Rib at KO Prime

Has anyone experienced the all you can eat prime rib that KO does on Tues/Weds nights? $29.95. Interested to hear anyones experience...

KO Prime
90 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02108

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  1. We never heard from anyone on this, and since I just peeped this special on the menu I'd also like to know if anyone has tried it!

    1. No one answered this question, and upon seeing this special on the menu, I'm intrigued! Has the OP or anyone else anything to report?

      1. I, too, would like to second the OP's question. I generally have thought the prime rib at Houston's was pretty good with a nice salty crust, etc. Anyone who knows what KO Prime's prime rib is like in comparison to this would be chowhounding gold to me.

        1. I'm not big on AYCE, but this looks like a good deal. Understand: that prime rib will be choice grade, regardless of the restaurant's name.

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            This is hearsay and I haven't gone myself. It was described to me as being very thin slices of the prime (not USDA grade, but the cut) rib. Not the thick cut that I associate with a prime rib, which I love.

            Maybe the first round is a thick cut...but I don't t hink you get AYCE thick cuts. Maybe 1 thick 1 and then slices of good roast beef??

            Like I said, hearsay from friends that aren't that into food. They enjoyed it.

          2. I'll try to answer although it's been more than half a year since my visit.

            The prime rib was very good. Nice crust, tender, good beefy flavor. The $29.95 is for the meat only, no sides. Sides are large enough to share The service was very good. They start you off with a nice thick slice and I suppose that this will be plenty for most people. I have a pretty big appetite and asked for a small second piece (it is AYCE after all) and could not finish it...

            Taking into account the cool vibe, location, and attentive service, $29.95 is a good deal.