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Green Mole Sauce at El Meson?

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Has anyone else tried this at the new, South Lamar location? Probably my least favorite sauce I've ever had on chicken. It had the taste of warm, unseasoned grain. No tartness, no spiciness. Kinda tasted like the smell of a bean bag filled with rice. If I'm missing out on some subtleties, I'd love to hear different opinions. It probably didn't help that the chicken was a bit undercooked, giving it that slick, slightly squishy quality.

El Meson
5808 Burleson Rd, Austin, TX 78744

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  1. LOL, sounds pretty nasty. Gotta say I wasn't that impressed with El Meson the only time I've been there. I have had a Green Mole Sauce once at Fonda San Miguel that was up there with sauces I've had in Paris, however...

    El Meson
    5808 Burleson Rd, Austin, TX 78744

    Fonda San Miguel Restaurant
    2330 W North Loop Blvd, Austin, TX 78756

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      I haven't yet tried El Meson. I want to , but this post might delay the urgency!

      I'm not saying that Austin Diner has great food, but they do have a really good green mole. I find it interesting that they have green mole in the first place. It's only on one menu item (I think), but they will spoon it over your eggs or omelet in the morning.

      El Meson
      5808 Burleson Rd, Austin, TX 78744

      Austin Diner
      5408 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78756

    2. Finally got to the new location. I'm a big fan of the original. Had the bisteca in a pasilla sauce. It was fantastic. The very tender beef tips were slow simmered with potatoes in the rich sauce. My only disappoint was that they charged for chips and salsa and that neither the flour or corn tortillas were homemade.

      The prices are great...I think mine was $6.50 for a huge plate of food. Bill for 2 entrees, chips, and queso flameado (which was very good) was only $21.

      I would be concerned how long it'll last. We were there at noon and were only one of three tables occupied.

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        I share your concern, achtungpv! I went there w. a group for lunch a few weeks ago and there was one other party there.

        Among us, we had guacamole (fresh and i *think* w. homemade totopos, but could have used a little more acidity or onion or something), chicken in red mole sauce (wow), a shrimp disk (which I was told was delicious) and enchiladas w. green sauce. Enchiladas were good, sauce was even better, and I liked the sprinkle of some dryish crumbly cheese across the top.

        I'm no expert, but it seemed like fresh, homemade, high-quality Mexican food. Whatever it was, it was delicious.

        Hm, I realize this isn't the most descriptive review, but I'd go back. Hopefully I can supply a better review next time!