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Jun 20, 2010 06:42 AM

Boston Chowhounder Visiting the Hilton St. Louis Frontenac

I will be traveling to St. Louis for a conference this week and will be staying at the Hilton St. Louis Frontenac. What are some good local restaurants near the hotel. I won't have a car, so we'll be walking or taking taxi cabs to restaurants. Thanks for your thoughts!

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  1. In the immediate area in Plaza Frontenac, a high-end mall (Neiman-Marcus, Saks, Pottery Barn). There are several places in the outlots: Brio Tuscan Grill I think (ok), Fleming's steakhouse (not been but don't hear good things). There is an ok Tex-Mex place in the Mall (Canyon Cafe - just ate there today), and on an unrelated note, there is a very good multiscreen art house theater there (part of Landmark Theater chain) showing art and slightly less mainstream films. There's also Cardwell's at the Plaza, a nicer place, been around a long time and a good choice.

    Near your hotel is Sugo's very good Italian, very reasonable, and Trattoria Branica, in a vaguely European-looking complex. If you want to cab it several miles down Lindbergh to Kirkwood, there are many choices in their downtown: Amigos Cantina, Sunset 44, Dewey's Pizza, Amici, and a number of others.

    Too bad you aren't staying near Metrolink trains, that would open up more choices in Clayton, Central West End, Delmar Loop, and others.

    Warning: The hotel is well out into the suburbs, so don't expect taxis to be plentiful. Have a good visit. We apologize for the heat and humidity.

    Hope this helps. I much enjoyed my last visit to Boston.

    Amici's Restaurant
    210 N Kirkwood Rd, Saint Louis, MO 63122

    Trattoria Branica
    10411 Clayton Rd, Frontenac, MO 63131

    Amigos Cantina
    120 W Jefferson Ave, Saint Louis, MO 63122

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      If you want to find a truly good restaurant, you're going to need to get into a cab. The restaurants mentioned above are either national chains (Brio, Fleming's--STAY AWAY, Canyon Cafe) or decent but not great restaurants. The best of the bunch in the immediate neighborhood is Cardwell's at the Plaza. Do yourself a favor and cruise this board to find other choices in town that serve really high quality and interesting food.

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        Agreed...and I am the last person to advocate chains. But, the OP did ask about things in the area, and it might be a drag to take a long cab ride after a conference every day of the week. IMHO.

    2. Directly across Lindbergh Avenue is a Schnuck's supermarket. This supermarket has a HUGE section devoted to take-out. Might work well for lunch or for a pick-me-up.

      1. When we stayed there last year we went and ate at the Italian restaurant behind the hotel which I think was called Trattoria Branica. It was definitely better than I expected and was very convenient. Nice atmosphere. A driver from the hotel who had taken us to the metro earlier recommended it and told us to drop his name so we got a free dessert as well which was really not that great so I wouldn't recommend the tiramisu. But the smoked trout appetizer was really nice and we both had pasty entrees that were good. The staff were very pleasant as well which was is always a bonus. Good luck with the dinner search.

        Trattoria Branica
        10411 Clayton Rd, Frontenac, MO 63131

        1. There is another place behind the hotel called Sugos that is moderate and gets generally good reviews-



          1. Thanks everyone for the recommendations - we didn't make it out of the area at all. We went to the Canyon Cafe and Trattoria Branica. Both were good picks. Thanks for your help! If you ever need recommendations about Boston, visit my profile and I'll be sure to recommend you some good places.

            Trattoria Branica
            10411 Clayton Rd, Frontenac, MO 63131