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Jun 20, 2010 06:36 AM

Calling your favorite rib recipe!

I want to make ribs. My previous experience wasn't fantastic - years ago, I tried Alton Brown's recipe and it ended up with with grease, grease, and more grease. Clearly I did something wrong.

So, all of the CH experts, I need Ribs 101. What do I look for when buying them? What are your favorite recipes? If I am expecting to feed 4-6 adults how many ribs do I need?

I'd love to use the grill, but can use the oven if necessary. We have both a gas grill and my favorite charcoal. When I think of the perfect ribs, I think of a complex spice mix (not necessarily hot, but well seasoned) with a little sauce.

Your ideas and guidance are appreciated! Thanks.

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  1. Rib making is considered an elevated art by some and there are many styles and nuances out there. This is my preference:
    I like side ribs over baby rack and I usually figure 1/3 rack per person - so you'd want at least 2 racks. Some people swear by removing the membrane. Me? I like the membrane and keep it on.
    I rub the ribs the day before and wrap in plastic in the fridge overnight. I use the rub mentioned here:

    You can grill them, but for nice, tender ribs, low and slow is the way to go. I smoke the ribs at about 225F for about 3 hours, then wrap in foil and keep at 225F for another 2-3 hours.
    The foil prevents oversmoking. In fact, I've often times smoked the ribs, wrapped in foil, then used my oven for the second half (usually in winter when I don't wanna be fiddling outside in -20 weather).
    I take the ribs outta the foil, slather with BBQ sauce, and grill. You can make your own, but I like Sweet Baby Ray BBQ sauce.

    Thats pretty much it in a nutshell. If you don't have a smoker, you can use your charcoal grill with indirect heat (you'd need a cover). I'd suggest getting a BBQ thermometer for the grill to monitor the temp (low and slow). Opening vents slightly to go hotter, closing everything up when getting too hot (over 250F). Adding charcoal occasionally when needed,
    If you don't cook long enough, the ribs will remain on the tough side. If you cook too long, they'd fall apart, but the window of time between is not that tough to find. 5-6 hours total does it for me.

    1. I spread seasoning on them (mine is cajun spice mix and a little brown sugar), wrap and refrigerate all day or overnight. I smoke them an hour or two (depending what size/how thick) in a Cameron stove top smoker using hickory. Then I lightly brush them with DL Jardines 5 Star bbq sauce and place on the grill pre heated to medium for a few minutes, or in bad weather, broil a few minutes.

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        Thanks mcf and porker! Keep the recipes and advice coming!

      2. Just go here:

        Follow this guy's directions (and do the Texas crutch part). You won't be sorry!

        1. i'm not an expert, by far - i'm quite a novice. but these are my favorite ribs ever:

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            This is by far my most favourite (and most requested) rib recipe:


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