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Jun 20, 2010 05:43 AM

How do you handle it when the waitress adds a wrong charge to your bill?

Last week I ordered an entree that came with soup on the side...when the bill came, there was a charge of $2.99 for the soup. I knew that was wrong because I had eaten that item before and I re-checked the menu to verify that the soup is included. When the waitress came by I asked "Isn't the soup included in the price of the sandwich?". She immediately apologized and went back and re-did the bill. My final bill after removing the erroneous charge was $11-something and I left $15.00.

Now of course I feel kind of guilty about it, like it was only $2.99 and maybe she was really humiliated.

But my inner I-hate-being-screwed made it impossible for me not to say something.

I was right, right? Or maybe not?

[I was just thinking, maybe this is called a "reverse-comp" LOL].

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  1. Hey people make mistakes, it's not personal, just right. You both did the correct thing. How about if the shoe were on the other foot, say you were having a beer and a sammie, then ordered another beer and when the check came there was only a charge for one beer what would you do?

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      Ooooh, good question, cstr!

      To the OP, I can tell you the server was not humiliated or anything of the sort. She made a minor error and happily corrected it. No big whup.

    2. I'd handle it just like you did. politely and w/o fuss. And if the reverse happened, I'd do the same. Just point out that something was left off. We've had that happen a few times, and sometimes they just leave it off. :)

      1. Too much analysis. She made a mistake, no big deal. It's not like she is perfect. No one is.

        1. When this happens, I quietly call the server aside, and inquire. To date, I have never had anyone balk, when I was correct, and changes are forthcoming. I have been wrong in a few instances, and an explanation has sufficed.

          Also, when the bill has missed something, i call that to the server's attention, as well.


          1. John,

            I cannot say it is right or wrong, but I would handle it just like you did.