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Jun 20, 2010 05:30 AM

Safari Cafe in Worcester

I spotted this place the other day, about a block east of Park Ave on Chandler. It's a clean little place, almost too clean for the neighborhood. The staff were very welcoming, and they offered a buffet, so I tried that. East African comfort food. A beef stewish dish, tripe (gave this a pass), potatoes, greens, corn bread, a cabbage dish, beans, and a flavored rice (maybe with berbere spices minus the heat?). Even though I usually go for things with wild flavors, it was all very good and fresh. I didn't even know they had a full menu until I was leaving, so next time I'll try the curry goat and some of the other specialties. Worcester needs more dining options, so I hope this place survives.

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  1. I drive by this place daily, but it doesn't look clean. The window blinds are always haphazard and it doesn't looks well-put-together. Maybe I'll stop in, but the place needs better curb appeal to make a go of it.

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      It's much cleaner inside, but I agree, it doesn't look like much from the outside.