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Jun 20, 2010 04:22 AM

Keens - a disappointing meal

I'm a big fan of Keens, been there many many times. Last week we went for dinner, took a European friend who was visiting. I'm sorry to say I was disappointed in the quality of the food. Creamed spinach was good, but room temperature. Hash browns were served at room temperature and were undercooked and bland, mushrooms similar story, but the worst was my steak. I ordered a t-bone this time, medium rare. It came overcooked but worse than that it was tough, dry, and it was just a lousy piece of meat...tasted way too funky and unpleasant. I returned it. Next one came, this one was medium rare, but still tough and dry. The sirloin and the mutton chop (ordered by my companions) were better. I loved my iceberg wedge and key lime pie. But several days later, still unhappy about the steak.

And why don't they offer a NY strip? Or a ribeye?

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  1. i went 2 weeks ago, i was satisfied with my pub sized mutton, porterhouse for 2, and oysters. everything else i thought was really mediocre. i was especially disappointed at the prime rib hash and the farmer's market vegetables. if i ever go again im going to do just the mutton chop and just ask for a lot of bread or maybe fries since they're fried in beef fat. btw when i got the pub sized mutton chop (which i thought was fantastic) about 30 percent of it was fat and and 20 percent of it was bone so when it came I was only able to eat half of it. when the porterhouse comes it comes sizzling on a plate so it cooks longer while it stays on the plate so i took it off immediately. that may have happened with your tbone. when i also went though a table near me complained to their waiter about the tbone being "grungy"? it may just be a cut of meat that they dont do well. i also was disappointed in no rib eye or ny strip, these two (bone in) are my favorite steak cuts respectively.

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      The t-bone did not come on a sizzling plate. And it was very overcooked - nothing borderline about it.

      1. re: gutsofsteel

        ohh, damn sorry to hear. why didnt u send it back? if it wasnt even close, that's just unacceptable.

        1. re: daffyduck

          I did send it back - as I wrote. Second one was a bit better but still not good. I didn't bother to send it back again, I didn't have all night.

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        Just to add to the reviews of recent experiences...

        I was there two weeks ago also (Friday). I enjoyed the mutton chop, although it was a bit fatty. (But that still left a very large quantity of meat.) The creamed spinach was very good. The broiled clams appetizer was just too bready -- all I could taste was the breadcrumbs.

        My dinner partner had the t-bone and really liked it. I had a bite or two and thought it was good, too.

        It seems like the kind of place where consistency should be an assumption by this point, so it's too bad they messed up a few things.