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Jun 19, 2010 09:51 PM


Who here in Austin makes carnitas that are not roasted, boiled, or braised, but are properly ended up fried in their own fat? Thus crispy and yummy rather than soggy and stringy?

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  1. You're describing the carnitas at El Zunzal. Small cubes of pork shoulder that arrive at table nicely crisped. I suspect they're finished in a high heat oven rather than actually being fried but the end result is what you're looking for.

    El Zunzal Restaurant
    642 Calles St, Austin, TX 78702

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      El Rey Mexican Food
      Once again I don't drive so I am not sure where it is but it is like over off The Capital Texas road kind of South Austin
      carnitas that have been slow cooked in its own fat and shreded just a little so its a little crispy on the outside and fatty and tender on the inside they are really yummmmmmy from the kitchen good.

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        I'm pretty sure El Rey is no longer with us. Sorry to break the news to you!

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          :( awww see how that not driving thing gets in the way!!!!

    2. I believe Angie's makes them this way. At least they taste like it. Cristy and extremely porky. Just make sure to have them on their slightly fried, homemade corn tortillas.