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Jun 19, 2010 08:23 PM

The Pier Restaurant & Tiki Bar in Rye

During the week, my wife walked our dog down the Rye Playland boardwalk and thought it would be fun to check out this new place on the water.

We went tonight (Saturday) and that was a huge mistake. No reservations. 45 minute wait and counting. Although there is no smoking in the restaurant itself, there is some serious smoking right outside the place and the 20 or so outdoor tables -- I felt like I was standing in a smoke stack.

The hostess kept saying the kitchen was "backed up" and it looked like general pandemonium.

Really high prices for what they were serving, too -- the fried shrimp platter was $24.

Although the water setting was really nice, my daughter was choking on the smoke just waiting for them to call us, so we bagged it and went to Burger, Shakes & Fries.

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  1. We went yesterday around 12:30 for a nibble and cocktails. Place was near empty. There were 3 of us, we each had 2 cocktails and we ordered 2 apps. Bill was 109.xx

    The coconut shrimp app was $15 and you got 4 shrimp. Yes, they were large shrimp but I thought $15 was way too much! Could not taste coconut so they were just 4 large fried shrimp. I can't remember how much the spring rolls were but they were good and there were plenty to share.

    Cocktails were good and cute with gummy fish on the rims and average price. I had a frozen drink and then the Reef Juice which I liked very much.

    I don't know if I would go just for dinner but I think it's a nice place to hang out and have a few cocktails. The raw bar looked scary cluttered etc and it was hot as hell out. I am really picky where I eat anything raw.

    Although I have survived many trips to Greasy Nicks in my past.

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      The money they must have spent on the place, they should have invested in someone who knows how to cook. Two visits for me. Never again! Burger over-priced and over-cooked. Soup that HAD to come out of a Campbells Soup can. I could probably live with the high ticket if the food was worth it. It's not!

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        I totally agree Winston1. This place has so much potential, The view was lovely etc. It was really relaxing. I felt like I was on vacation. I am sure I will go back as I love tropical cocktails but will skip ordering dinner.

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          That is so sad to hear. I was hoping for better than Seaside Johnnie's and it sounds like we just got more of the same. Really can't the food get stepped up a bit and the prices stand down a bit and I think we'd all be happy, consistent customers. Seems like too much to aski for decent - not fabulous food - at not outrageous prices with a view. I realize the view requires the prices be a bit out of whack but these places are ridiculous.

          Seaside Johnnies
          95 Dearborn Ave, Rye, NY 10580

      2. I had a great experience here the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend. We drove to Playland specifically to eat here, with a baby and a toddler in tow. Playland was jammed and we were worried we had made a mistake. The Pier Restaurant was an oasis in the middle of the chaos. I had an excellent margarita and a tasty lobster roll. The fries were not great. Hubby had fried ravioli and a burger, Mom the lobster salad, and Dad the fried clams which I kept stealing. They were large and juicy and between he and I we could barely finish them, there were so many. The waitress was totally tuned in to the fact that we had small kids with us. She catered to them and our food arrived quickly. The prices are not cheap and the food is not spectacular but this place is still a welcome addition to the horrific food options previously offered at Playland. I would definitely dine here again as well as go just for cocktails.

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          1. My husband and I considered checking the place out (although I'm reluctant now that I've heard you folks talk about food and prices), but we were curious about one thing. Where do we park? Do we have to park in the Playland parking lot and pay the fees?

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              You have to park in the Playland lot. So that's $5 on weekdays and $7 on weekends. No other choice, as far as I can see. You gotta lob that fee on top of your restaurant check!

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                after you pay you bring the parking receipt and give it to your server. On weekends they take $5 off of your bill and on weekdays they take $3 off.

                Parking for the restaurant is $2

            2. Went here again last night for the Monday clambake. $27 for choice of chowder (manhattan, new england or lobster), a 1.5 lb lobster, a bunch of mussels and steamers, corn and potato.
              Pros: Lobster chowder was tasty. Lobster was big, perfectly steamed, and the amount of clams and mussels were plentiful. The seafood was delicious. They substituted fries for a baked potato at no charge. Parking was free. I'm not sure if it was because it was a weekday or because it was stormy out and the playland rides were closed.
              Cons: The service was awful. The servers are a bunch of kids socializing with one another and completely ignoring the customers, of which there were very few. A manager type man was sitting at a table doing paperwork and not paying attention to the incompetent staff. They did not take dishes away and they kept placing hot items in front of my baby. The food took quite awhile to arrive. The fries are not good and the bread was stale.
              I will continue going here becuase I like the seafood and the view, but there is definitely room for inprovement in the other areas.