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Jun 19, 2010 07:17 PM

North Conway, NH Rec's

Traveling with a group of friends there next weekend - looking for inexpensive places for all meals of the day. Love Chinese, Mexican, Italian, Steak, BBQ - not many things are off limits. Just good and unpretentious food. Willing to travel up to an hour for the right meal!

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  1. Hi Joe, we just had my cousins wedding at the Eagle Mountain House in Jackson and probably the best brunch I have ever had. Salmon, prime rib, salads, chocolate unbelievable, etc. etc. Wonderful - and the drive up from the town is just awesome! We had a GREAT salad the day before at the Christmas Farm Inn in Jackson, the fish dish was wonderful too. Also, I have heard the Stonehurst Manor near Glen is great. Had a great ceasar salad at Delaney's in No. Conway too. Have fun and report back, please!

    Christmas Farm Inn
    Route 16B, Jackson, NH 03846

    Eagle Mountain House
    179 Carter Notch Rd, Jackson, NH 03846

    Stonehurst Manor
    PO Box 1937, North Conway, NH 03860

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      I'll second Delaney's Hole in the Wall. Their sushi is excellent.

      1. re: beaner2

        delaneys looks great for a large group (could be as many as 10)....alot of different choices. I will add it to the list

      2. re: defboater

        thanks - i appreciate the recommendations... I think we will be going to Delaneys. Any other help would be greatly appreciated!

      3. Just got back and unfortunatley we were unable to try any of the recs. Actully the group only ate 1 meal out - all others were home cooked. We went to Cafe Noche (somebody had a coupon....sigh) and had mediocre, overpriced, Mexican food. $3.75 for 1 taco? not where I come from! Also stop for ice cream at some crepe place in town and it was a mixed bag as well. Delaneys will wait til next trip.