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Jul 21, 2005 04:59 PM

Taco Surf - Costa Mesa

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Taco Surf has just recently opened up a location in Costa Mesa, taking over a small Thai place at the south end of Auto Row on Harbor Blvd.

This is my first visit to any Taco Surf, which I believe there are 5 other locations scattered near the coasts of LA and OC.

And what a great first impression. Funky little cantina, with sawdust on the floor, they served complimentary tortilla chips with a type of sweet salsa that was different, but I really liked it. I didn't chow too much of it, though, as I ordered what might've been the biggest burrito I've ever attempted to eat.

I ordered the Killers Alamo Burrito, which is a large flour tortilla, Spanish rice, lettuce pico de gallo salsa, and two choices of meat (I chose the carne asada and snapper), with sour cream on the side, and served wet style with enchilada sauce on the outside, topped with cheddar cheese. On the menu, next to the name of this item, is a phrase that said, "Don't drop in ... if you're not ready!"

When the waittress plopped this monstrosity onto my table, my jaw dropped. I estimated the size of the burrito to be 9-10" long, about 4" wide, and about 3" tall. I chowed through a little over half of it, and boxed up the rest, to be my dinner for the next couple of nights. :-) If you're training to Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest, the Killers Alamo Burrito is a worthy starting point.

It was a bit empty in the restaurant at lunchtime, but I think it was because of the place being new. Hours seem to be 11AM-10PM, closing at 11PM on certain nights.

Definitely a positive experience, this will be a nice addition to my normal rotation of Mexican restaurants like SuperMex and Avila's.


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  1. Listing the address would be good, too. :-)

    Taco Surf
    1969 Harbor Blvd.,
    Costa Mesa

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    1. re: Wonginator

      Looks like a cool place from their website. I'll check it out!

      1. re: Xericx

        The Sunset Beach branch has one room that serves as a bar and dining area, with local bands on weekends. It's always interesting, and the food is consistently good.

    2. d
      David The Diner

      Is this the same Taco Surf family that was at K38 in Rosarito Beach for many years in Baja?

      I have many good memories of that restaurant about 25 years ago when going to Baja on surfing trips with my friends.

      1. Taco Surf is a pretty good chain of restaurants. I usually go to the one in Los Alamitos. I wouldn't be suprised if this new location becomes a hot spot.

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        1. re: LBeater

          This Costa Mesa location has been closed for a while now. Not such a hot spot after all.

          1. re: cdmedici

            The one in Los Al and Seal Beach and Belmont never used to heat up the plates, don't know if that has improved any. And they didn't used to have a good hot salsa for those of us in need for such, I don't consider Tapatio a substitute for a boring salsa.