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Jun 19, 2010 03:28 PM

Arnold Myint / Nashville

I'm going to be in Nashville for a couple of nights on business ... was wondering if it was worth having dinner at one of Arnold Myint's restaurants (saw him on the new season of Top Chef), and which one if so? The menu's at PM and Cha Chah looked nice.

I'm thinking to try to hit a cheaper meat+three, bbq, etc. place one night, and then a bit of a more upscale place the next - balance out that per diem. Any recs for a lone diner?

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  1. PM and Cha Chah are next door to each other. Both are great -- I would simply choose which based on which menu appeals to you. He has another restaurant Suzy Wong's House of Yum, that is also very good, in a slightly different part of town. All of the restaurants have interesting menus and good food, and aren't super-cheap, but they are not really upscale in terms of decor or atmosphere. Hip and trendy yes -- white table cloth, no. Also, Cha Chah and PM are open for lunch, and the menus are different from the dinner menu, so keep that in mind for optimum sampling.

    1. sylvan park restaurant for meat-n-three! taco mamacita or burger up are also great local places!

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        does sylvan park do dinner? I know a lot of meat-n-threes are lunch only...

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          Sylvan Park does indeed do dinner last time I looked, although I don't think they stay open very late. Across the street is another good Southern casual place, McCabe Pub, which also does burgers-and-bar-food in addition to Southern staples. They have great corn griddle cakes.

          McCabe Pub
          4410 Murphy Rd, Nashville, TN 37209

          Sylvan Park Restaurant
          4502 Murphy Rd, Nashville, TN 37209

      2. I ate at PM Saturday night and it was good. Had sushi and a bottle of wine for about $60 for two. If I was visiting from out of town, I think Cha Chah would be a little nicer and a little more upscale both in terms of atmosphere and food.

        1. We had adequate drinks (great bar service, though) and adequate food at Cha Chah. Thought the hype outdid the execution by a mile. The woman making and serving drinks was using good ingredients in their proper proportion, but shaking them in a tiny shaker with wet ice, so of course they were hugely diluted. As for the food, I have our meal items written down somewhere; I'd have to look them up, because my only remaining memory (it's been eight months) is of how disappointing it was to spend about what we'd paid at Miel, and wind up with food of lesser quality, and much less of it besides. It was doubly disappointing because I very much wanted Arnold to knock my socks off...

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            Looks like Arnold impressed Waxman enough for the win last night. The chocolate dessert at ChaCha is to die for.

            Hopefully I’ll get a chance to sample his 10 course tasting menu soon.