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Jun 19, 2010 02:39 PM

wood chunks for smoking

does anyone know of an economical place to buy wood chunks for smoking? I've found hickory and mesquite at home depot, but looking for others (maple, oak, apple, cherry, etc).

I did find some woodman chunks at the local hardware store in williamsburg, but at $9.99 for 3lb bag, I'm thinking there's gotta be a cheaper way. willing to drive out of the city if need be...

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  1. I've always bought wood chunks online.

    1. All those flavors you're looking for can be found at Union Market (one in Park Slope, one in Cobble Hill). They sell them in bags, either big or small chunks. I think they're between $7-10, though I'm not sure, so maybe this doesn't help. But if you're in a pinch...

      Union Market
      754 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

      1. I too, had trouble locating anything but hickory or mesquite, but I found 5 lb. bags of Apple, Pecan and Cherry are available from Home Depot (online) for $6.49 each + shipping. If you are buying a number of bags, the price is good considering how much other places charge for the same sized amount of wood.

        1. I bought some "whisky barrel pieces" at the K Mart near NYU but haven't used them yet. They also have hickory and mesquite.

          1. Home Depot has Hickory and Mesquite chunks in bags of about 10 Lbs. (about $8 a bag), and if you control the O2 they work great...