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Jun 19, 2010 01:50 PM

I want pie...mmmm, Glendale, Atwater, Eagle Rock, or thereabouts

I blame Evan Kleiman on Good Food, with the "pie a day" challenge. I can't stop thinking about pie. Any good suggestions? Not crazy about Marie Callendar's, or any pie that doesn't taste absolutely fresh. Definitely dessert type pies, especially fruit type ones. Please help! I can't rest until I have pie.

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  1. Larkins (Eagle Rock) has a very good sweet potato pie.

    1. Atwater Farmer's Market - there's a vendor who sells homemade pies and definitely had fruit pies - apple, peach, berry etc. I really liked the peach pie I got there some time ago and this time of year I should think is good for fruit in season. I haven't been to this particular market in quite a while, but presume he might still be there.

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        yes, the pie guy is still there! i had a rhubarb pie about a month ago and it was amazing. i've also gotten pickled beets from him as well, on a side note. he has a blueberry pie that looks insane and i plan to get that one day. also, auntie em's in eagle rock has the most insane pie i've ever had- it's chocolate peanut butter pie. i had it for a birthday a few weeks ago. not sure if it's there all the time, so call ahead and ask. this pie made my head spin.

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          where and wen is the atwater fillage farmer's market? thanks. those pies sound good.

          1. re: kevin

            Sundays, 10am-2:00pm
            Wells Fargo Bank
            3250 Glendale Boulevard (Atwater Village)
            Los Angeles, CA

            Don't forget to check out Big Mista's BBQ.

      2. A few miles east of the requested area, but Pie 'n' Burger is a worthy candidate. My favorites are butterscotch and coconut cream, but everything I've had has been excellent. Not all pies are available all days, so it's good to call ahead.

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          I agree. Sometimes I go to Pie n Burger and just get the pie. My favorites are dutch apple and banana cream.

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            This time of year? At P n B go for the fresh peach or fresh strawberry. Or the ollaieberry. Sooo good!

        2. Not a pie, technically, and they've raised their prices but...

          The fruit cobblers at The Cobbler Factory are yummy! Love the peach. Love.


          1. Suga pies are really amazing, truly homemade, and she delivers