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Jun 19, 2010 01:38 PM

What to do with 7-year-old cheddar?

I really hope that I'm posting in the right area. I just bought a block of amazing 7-year-old cheddar cheese from my local farmers' market this morning, and I'm wondering what to do with it. I've already made a quiche with the first half of it, but have no ideas as to using the rest. I'm making a roast chicken for dinner tomorrow night, so I'm hoping for some side dish ideas. I also have some homemade gnocchi in the fridge... could I possibly use the two together somehow? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. I shaved 6 year old Balderson on pasta last night and it was great.
    For your chicken, you can combine a cup of grated cheddar with chopped herbs and garlic, then force as much as you can under the skin. It will baste the breast and thigh meat, and have great flavor.
    A cheese bechamel sauce is an easy addition to gnocchi, and your 7 yr old will be fine.

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        Completely agree! With some crusty bread, and wine and perhaps fresh fruit.

      2. I would serve a special cheddar like this on a dessert plate with apples and pears. Or if you are feeling more ambitious, on the side of a large piece of apple pie [home-made of course.] Something about these flavor combinations is absolutely fantastic, and a New England tradition.

        1. i typically prefer to enjoy such lovely aged cheese in its natural state. as smtucker suggested, it's always wonderful with apples, though it's not really the right time of year for good ones.

          when i was in Australia i had the most amazing aged cheddar served with a compote made from Damson i'd suggest pairing it with plum preserves - Bonne Maman & Tiptree are both very good.

          1. I second all the above recommendations. Eating this cheese as is with some kind of sweet counterpoint is a great way to enjoy it.

            Also, you can try it in grilled cheese sandwiches. I would shave pieces off and slow grill it on Challah or Brioche bread slices buttered on both sides with top notch butter. slice into little squares for hors d'oeuvres.

            Or have them for lunch with a tomato soup on the side for a quintessential American treat?