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Any rec's for decent food in Hot Springs and Black Mountain NC

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Especially breakfast/Brunch or moderate dinner choices

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  1. Hot Springs has a very good place- just can't remember the name but you can't miss it. It faces the railroad tracks and has a small hotel connected to it.If you are coming from the east, you would turn left as soon as you cross the tracks.

    1. Hot Springs - The Iron Horse - just remembered

      1. We are interested in eating at the Mt. Magnolia Inn this fall, so if anyone has commentary regarding that, it would be appreciated.

        We plan to be staying there, and the restaurant looks good on paper.

        1. The Oak House!! Just opened about 2 months ago. Open for breakfast and lunch and Brunch on Sundays. Great food and very reasonable prices!!
          -located across the street from the Black Mountain post office.

          1. Black Mountain has some nice restaurants. It's a great place to visit. Morning Glory Cafe serves an outstanding breakfast/lunch/dinner. Their omlettes, huevos rancheros and the pancakes are great. They must really use a lot of local fresh ingredients. Black Mountain Bistro is open for lunch/dinner and has some great food for lunch. They have great appetizers, soups, salads and sandwiches. The club and burgers are special. And so is the reuben and crab cake sandwich. You can't go wrong there.

            Black Mountain Bistro @ 203 East State St., Black Mountain, NC 828 - 669 - 5041.
            Morning Glory Cafe @ 6 E Market St # A, Black Mountain, NC 828 - 669 - 6212.
            The Black Bird Restaurant @ 10 E Market St., Black Mountain, NC 828 - 669 - 5556.

            1. Red Rocker Inn in Black Mountain I hear is very good - haven't been, though. Reservations required, I think.

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                It's been years, but I've been and it was very good. But that was a long time ago and things could have changed. That being said, I wouldn't hesitate to go again.

              2. Que Sera in Black Mountain is amazing. One of my favorite places to dine in WNC. The chef is from Louisana and makes some divine creole southern food, dinner is excellent.

                Nori is the new sushi joint in Black Mountain. The food is good, but in terms of service they are working the kinks out. Don't go if your in a hurry.

                Breakfast and brunch around Black Moutain are sparse. Morning Glory Cafe has a nice breakfast/ brunch menu (Black Mountains version of Sunny Point). The Dripulator has good coffee and baked goods. Red Rocker Inn was very good for breakfast the last time I went but I have heard it is going down hill.


                Que Sera
                400 E State St, Black Mountain, NC 28711

                Morning Glory Cafe
                6 E Market St Ste A, Black Mountain, NC 28711