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Jun 19, 2010 01:06 PM

NJ byob across Ben Franklin bridge?

Looking for a pleasant byob close to downtown (like just across one of the bridges) where I can bring my own wine and have a pleasant, but not hideously expensive meal.

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  1. Check on Collingswood, 2 miles across the bridge and Main st has 30 BYOB's.

    Google the area and see what there is.

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      Everything in Collingswood is BYOB. We like Nunzio's for Italian, Tortilla Press for Mexican, and Casona for Cuban. Here's the town's restaurant directory:

      Just a little bit further into NJ is Haddonfield... Tre Famiglia has tasty Italian, and it's our "go-to" place for special occasions when we don't want to cross the bridges. Their website appears to be in the middle of renovations, but here's the info:
      403 North Haddon Avenue
      Haddonfield, NJ 08033-1701
      (856) 429-1447

    2. Siri's, on Route 70. French/Thai. It's not right at the bridge, but it's not far.
      It's in a small strip mall, so there's always parking.
      Here's their website:

      If you like Japanese food, we frequent Mikado, also on Route 70. Everything always fresh and good.