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Jun 19, 2010 12:53 PM


Once again, no one in Baltimore makes the list. I am not sure we have ever had anyone on the list. Cindy Wolfe and Spike certainly should have made it, but they probably are too old now. The question is why no one else ever has made it.

I know we are not a scintillating place, but F&W has had chefs from even more nowhere places like Cleveland and Birmingham. So the issue really is why we do not have chefs who create the requisite buzz. (Apart from Salt, I cannot think of any contenders who have been missed.)

It's not that we lack media types--for example, both the Post and the NYT have reporters who live nearby so there is some national knowledge of what we do have. So i guess the answer is that we do not generate exciting restaurants. i do not know why that is, although judging from posts on this board, not much other than crabs and the Inner Harbor ever happens here. That is the basic quesion I am raising. Why is it that we have lots of good restaurants, but few that are really exciting? Comments?

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  1. Because the money that attracts stellar operators left town when the headquarters companies went away, then the recession?

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      The recssion affected the rest of the ountry more--sometimes far more --than it did baltimore. As for HQ cos--we have plenty of well-to-do docs.

      INDCGIRL--You're right, but my Q is really why no one works it. And why does CH Central move this ppost to where no one will see it?

    2. To make those lists, I think you need to "work it" a little and this town is a little too insular to bother?

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        Maybe it's related to the way when people here ask, "Where did you go to school?" they mean where you went to high school. It's an inward-facing town. And when you do work it, it's in that weird take-it-or-leave-it Baltimore way, e.g, Ace of Cakes, John Waters. Not exactly F&W material--too out there.