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Jun 19, 2010 11:54 AM

Spillanes coming to Fleetwood?

Heard from a good source that the owner of Molly Spillane's and Mickey Spillane's will be opening another outpost in the Fleetwood section of Mount Vernon. If true, they will be taking over most of the storefronts (many of which are now vacant) on Gramatan Ave across from the Bank of America and Bayou. After seeing what they did with the new location in Mamaroneck, I'd love to see what they have in store for Mount Vernon. I hope this materializes.

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  1. I did see that there are building permits in those windows but the names on the forms didn't mean anything to me. A Spillane's outpost would be a welcome addition, but traffic and parking will be crazy.

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    1. re: Sloth

      There is a huge municipal lot diagonally across from the Bank of America. Parking will not be an issue.

    2. I live in Eastchester and that is the buzz.

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      1. re: jhopp217

        Is their burger all that?

        Is the burger worth trying and what is it on a par with?

        1. re: anonymouse1935

          I honestly haven't eaten there in a while. I live right by and if I'm grabbing a burger on 22, I'm going to the Kilt. I do know people who love their burgers though. It's getting competive in town because the Quarry and Stephen's Green have burgers on par with the Kilt now and while I haven't had one in years, The Eastchester Inn has always had good food. Great Wings!

          Eastchester Inn
          220 Main St, Tuckahoe, NY 10707

      2. You have my codolences. Molly Spillan'es pretty much ruined the neighborhood in Mamaroenck and the food is nothing to shout about - standard issue Sysco stuff. It's a pretty place in terms of decor, but it's nothing more than a bar.

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        1. re: Avalondaughter

          why would he come to mv? where would they park? the people that live there would never support the place .there are not alot of underage kids in mt vernon that drink like eastchester or mamaroneck

          1. re: moron66

            Seems to be on hold now. Big signs in the window saying that the work has to be approved by a council meeting on July 7. Cease work order also posted. Maybe MV thinks we don't need another nuisance bar to replace the Trinity/Samba Na Brasa.

              1. re: fleetwood

                Hmmm.. a little conflicted on whether this is a good thing or not.. Parking is tough in Fleetwood as it is, so a new big bar/restaurant will make it even tougher.. and the muni lot is going to be used by Key Foods (they took away the meters for 2 rows, and looks like there's going to be a key-card thing for usage by Key Foods shoppers...)

                However, that section of storefronts could use new ownership, as most of them have closed... so new business in town is good, and its right off the Cross County Parkway, so easy access for folks to get there..

                It will be competition for the Bayou (not for burgers, but just as another bar on the same street).

                It will be interesting to see what happens...

                1. re: swept

                  I wouldn't worry about the Bayou losing customers. I live right near Mickey's and I've been to Molly's a few times as well as the Bayou. They will not draw the same clientele

              2. re: Sloth

                July 7th has long passed Samba was a good restaurant the problem was that they over did it and went to a nightclub catering to a younger crowd (and the wrong one at that) I had only been in Trinity once (when it was Billy's Pub) and it was a very local crowd. I dont know about it being a nuisance the bayou is across the street and has live music whats the difference if spillanes opens and does the same give the guy a chance

                1. re: pnyklr

                  The hearing was postponed to July 28, still no word on the result. Samba was fine until the underage parties and stabbings. Trinity was fine until the coke busts. Maybe the council is being overly cautious, but I can't really blame them. Personally, I look forward to a good burger pub in the neighborhood.

              3. re: moron66

                There is a great lot across the street, heading West on Broad St. As for it being in Mt. Vernon, why not go there? It is a nice area. As for supporters from the neighborhood, we can only hope they support the place. A pub with Irish/American food in that area is way overdue!

                1. re: moron66

                  What do underage kids have to do with a pub? Um, hello, but I have been to both locations and underage kids are not in there drinking! Maybe you are just too cheap to go spend a few bucks for a night out of dining and/or dining and drinking!

                2. re: Avalondaughter

                  Molly Spillanes didnt ruin the neighborhood in Mamaroneck (you spelled it wrong) Mamaroneck was a ghost town at night years ago and that and the few other spots re-vitalized it I had food there tonight and it was on the money The problem in Mam'k is that you have oldschool people that want their quaint little town with expensive apartments and Chatsworth up and down the block and not much else which guess what its time for progress

                  1. re: Avalondaughter

                    How did it actually ruin that ugly dilapidated eye sore of a street? It is one of the ugliest in lower Westchester. If anything, it totally enhanced it and gave it some charm! What else does that street have to offer as far as pub food and an amazing outdoor seating area? Get real.

                    1. re: agsp85

                      Sure it's pretty, but it raised the noise levels so local residents can't sleep at night. The food is just standard Sysco crap. It's far too large to be accomodated by the amount of available parking. Now residents find it harder to get home in the evening (because the patron park illegally in paid permit spaces when they run out of municipal parking). Beneath the pretty facade is just a a noisy bar. I just don't understand why anyone things Mamaroneck "needs" that. It's lowering the value of my "expensive" apartment (you know, the one in the affordable housing complex?) . Mamaroneck was never a "ghost town". It was a nice community. Heck, I welcome the other restaurants that have moved in over the years. You know why? Because they're RESTAURANTS. Molly's is just a drinking establishment disguised as a restaurant. They were really sneaky about coming into the neighborhood. All the hearings said that a "family restaurant" was moving in. Then it opened and guess what? We find out, "Oh by the way our bar is open till 4AM."

                      Oh well. Fleetwood will learn. Enjoy.

                      1. re: Avalondaughter

                        Learn from what? It is replacing a bar that was busted for dealing Coke! And Samba Na Brasa featured weekly stabbings! I highly doubt it can outdo that!! I doubt it will attract hordes of underage drinkers from the Bronx.

                      2. re: agsp85

                        hey my friend the parking is a block away ,there is more underage kids in both the eastchester and mamaroneck sites then any place in westchester besides white plains the food is poor and its just a new pretty bar .You sound like a partner

                        1. re: moron66

                          I live in Fleetwood. We are just glad this is not still an empty storefront. Food can't be any worse than the Bayou (which used to be good).

                          1. re: rolise

                            Yes, the problem of empty storefronts really is acute in lower Westchester.

                          2. re: moron66

                            The parking is a block away? Here's a tip. The parking lot at the bottom of the hill is NOT the Molly parking lot. With the exception of 3 metered spaces (which are free after 6) that is a permit-only lot needed by local residents who pay $500 a year to park there and don't appreciate it being used by restaurant patrons who are too lazy to walk from the big lot just down the street behind the movie theater or from the 1st parking level of the Regatta that has parking meters (also turned off after 6).

                            1. re: Avalondaughter

                              Unles I am greatly mistaken, I think moron66 meant parking in Fleetwood is a block away. It's a metered garage with an attendant and its only 25 cents for 30 minutes. Many times I have gladly spent the $6 to park there overnight in a snowstorm. Its also a helluva lot easier than finding street parking (also metered) if you're only going to be there a couple of hours.

                              1. re: Sloth

                                yes i was talking about fleetwood

                      3. They want to open by late fall and it looks like they will offer rooftop dining.

                        1. I was at Molly Spillanes tonight in mamaroneck I live in the vernon and I think it would be a great addition to fleetwood I think it did a lot better for mamaroneck which years ago was a ghost town at 9pm

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                          1. re: pnyklr

                            I'm trying to understand the "ghost town" thing. For many years prior to Molly Spillane's you could walk down the street on a summer night and see activity bustling everywhere. Children were playing, groups of elderly Italian men chatted on patios. It was a wonderful little community.

                            Spillane's brought unwelcome noise, a rowdy crowd, and people who brag about stealing parking spaces from people who pay good money for permits. It is not a restaurant. It is a rowdy bar disguised as a restaurant with crappy food (the SYSCO truck pulls up every morning).

                            Mamaroneck was never a ghost town. It was a happy, thriving community that is being defaced by this awful restaurant. The value of my "expensive apartment" is going down because of this place.

                            Not every town wants or needs a "scene". Most of us live there because we didn't want this kind of bar scene in our community. You want a scene, go to White Plains!