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Jun 19, 2010 09:50 AM

Bakeries in Calgary?

Hello! I am from Montreal and am spending the summer in Calgary. I'm having trouble finding decent bread here. Does anyone have any tips? I like all kinds of bread from baguette to a good multigrain.

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  1. A new Italian Country Bakery opened on Meridian Road S.E. next to Jugo Juice Corporate Headquarters in the same complex as Mr. Cappuccino. They sell bread by weight and I find the bread to be fantastic, typically European style, Hard crust and lasts for a few days. They are no relation to either companies mentioned above.

    1. Montreal Bagels

      Montreal Bagels
      8408 Elbow Dr SW #103, Calgary, AB T2V 1K7, CA

      1. There are excellent bakeries here. Any particular part of town?

        Incidentally if you like any stripe of Asian food, I guarantee it's better, for some variants much better, in Calgary than Montreal.

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          thanks to everyone for the suggestions so far!

          I'm willing to travel for good bread, but anywhere around Kensington, downtown, West Hillhurst, Capitol Hill, Marda Loop would be great.

          I just tried Chinatown for the first time the other day and had a decent meal. I've read the posts on good restaurants and dimsum. Any recommendations for Chinese bakeries?

          1. re: matter

            Since the inner city is your focus, you have to check out:

            Rustic Sourdough on 17th Ave and 12 St SW, excellent German bakery- amazing Brötchen but get there early before their pretzel rolls run out!

            Manuel Latruwe on 1st St SE near 11th Ave, by Castle Callebaut

            Euro Bakery on 17th Ave SW near 5 St- the best thing there IMHO is their Kosovar bureks but they have nice breads too

            Rise Bakery (a couple of downtown locations, sadly not open weekends) has small pricey loaves that seem to be made to fit into a briefcase :) but I've had some epic breads from there

            We got some ciabatta buns from the Market Bakery at CFM last weekend that just blew us away. Also Lina's Italian Market is a local treasure that has some very good breads.

            There's a start- there are lots of posts/threads about Chinese in Calgary incl dim sum, have a search around, and enjoy your summer!

            1. re: matter

              Eclair De Lune 1049 40 Ave NW is a great french bakery, and a little cheaper than others in town. Their croissants were comparible to what I had in Paris last year. They also make wonderfuly flakey turnovers with a mushroom or spinach stuffing. And the mini-fruit flans are a nice small light dessert I serve to my dinner guests regulary @ about $2 each.

              1. re: matter

                Missed your ask for Chinese bakeries. Here are my family's favourites:

                St Laurent Cake House in the City Centre Mall (the one with Thai Tai on the corner) has great raisin twists and Swiss rolls.

                Jing Jing Bakery, in the basement of the building with Happy Valley Restaurant (kiddie corner from City Centre Mall) has yummy pineapple buns and cocktail buns.

                ABC Bakery has okay bakery items, but the real attraction there is the cheap HK-style breakfast.

                And don't forget Bliss Cupcakes as suggested by ybnormal below. Excellent cake, delicious pies. Not a Chinese bakery, but definitely not to be missed.

                Outside of Chinatown, I love the coconut and the red-bean bread loaves at T&T.

                Happy Valley Restaurant
                100 3 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0B6, CA

                ABC Bakery & Cafe
                112 3 Ave SE, Calgary, AB T2G 0B6, CA

            2. Prairie Mill Bread Co for more rustic loaves and a great chocolate chip banana bread..
              129-4820 Northland Drive Northwest
              Calgary, AB T2L 2L4
              (403) 282-6455

                1. re: shopwinedinefine

                  Eclair De Lune does great pastries...but not breads. Almadine on Centre St and about 25 Ave north does pretty good bread...but a trip out to Glamorgan Bakery (33 Ave and 37 St SW) is worth it.