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Jun 19, 2010 08:26 AM

Lunch near Coney Island

Visiting from Texas and want to take subway to Coney Island. I want to see the amusement park and eat lunch somewhere within a reasonable walk. I was thinking perhaps something in Brighton Beach, but not sure how far that is. A Nathan's hot dog would be the easy way, but I'd prefer something a little better. Some place with an ocean view would be a plus. Not particular about cuisine, just anywhere that would be relatively inexpensive and informal.

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  1. Grab a custom made salad or sandwich and a container of freshly made soup at the Soup Shop and dine al fresco on the boardwalk.

    1. totonno's pizza?

      Also, on the boardwalk now is a mexican taco place. tacos are not bad.
      Brighton beach is a bit of a walk, but certainly doable.

      If it is a nice day, your best bet is def to get picnic stuff and eat on the boardwalk.
      In Brighton Beach, Tatiana's has an ocean view.

      1. Totonno's is Coney Island's classic pizzeria. Be prepared to wait for a slice, but it's worth it.

        Also, the clams on the half shell at the boardwalk stands are surprisingly delicious and the season is right for that kind of refreshment. And there's always Nathan's hotdogs and fries.

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          unless they've changed since the fire, no slices at totonno's--pies only. but good coal-oven ones.

        2. If you're in the mood for a great sandwich, check out Classic Heros on Neptune Ave, right down the street from Totonno's. Excellent homemade roast beef and brisket, both with their respective gravies; some of the best in Brooklyn. They're pretty cheap for what you get, and they also have a variety of other sandwiches and basic Italian stuff. There's have some seating on the street outside but there's not much to see, so carrying the food to the boardwalk would be the best option.