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Jun 19, 2010 05:55 AM

Korean - Albany/Saratoga area

A friend recommended Arrirang on Central for good Korean. Recently tried to go for lunch but it was closed. Door locked and lights off, but no sign saying why they were closed. Anyone know what's up with the place?
Any other recommendations for good Korean in the Albany/Saratoga area? Thanks!

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  1. My faves are Kabuki (which, like several local restaurants, bills itself as Japanese), on Troy-Schenectady road, in Latham, and Ta-ke, on Northern Blvd. in Albany. Don't know what happened to Arirang.

    Ta-Ke Restaurant - CLOSED
    500 Northern Blvd, Albany, NY

    Kabuki Japanese Restaurant
    952 Troy Schenectady Rd, Latham, NY 12110

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      Arirang was run by the man who for many years operated Kim's Asian grocery located further west on Central Av. He recently closed the grocery store also.

      Arirang was replaced by Mr Asian Bistro which may have also closed. There has been no answer on there phone for at least several days.

      You may want to try Kinnaree on Lark Street. The chef there is one who was also a chef at Arirang and I've enjoyed several Korean dishes there. They seem to be receiving good recommendations on Yelp.

      Kinnaree Asian Restaurant
      193 Lark St, Albany, NY 12210

    2. A place called Phila Fusion just opened in Saratoga. Korean is on the menu. I wouldn't expect much, though.

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        I've tried a couple of the Korean dishes at Phila Fusion and they were good. This restaurant is a "sister" to the Sushi Thai Garden located next door and has a much more extensive Asian menu.

        Sushi Thai Garden
        44 Phila St, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

        Phila Fusion Asian Restaurant and Bar
        54 Phila St, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866

      2. I feel that Kabuki's Korean food is more authentic than Arirang's. I go to Kabuki's for my bibimbap fix. Their food is almost as good as the ones found in good Korean restaurants in Koreatown, NYC.

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        1. re: blackbird52

          Finally got to Kabuki for lunch. Very good kimchee.

          Also had eel sushi, tuna sashimi, octopus - very good w/a special miso sauce, miso soup and an avocado roll with eel. The avocado was wrapped around the rice and eel in these beautiful folds/layers and was like butter.

          I thinked I liked the eel better at Yoshi's. A little different style here.

          The owners are very nice people. Japanese and Korean.

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