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Jun 19, 2010 04:46 AM

Will the DOH A,B,C, code change where you eat

NYC -DOH in July will begin grading the restaurants where we eat . Will you go to a restaurants that has a C rating? DO you think this is a good idea .I do. But I am a little worried that the restaurant I like will not be up to par anymore .

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  1. I already do check out a lot of places before I eat there anyway, but having the sign on the door will definitely impact people who otherwise didn't know this info was available online--or for places you never looked up--it's a good thing, it will finally get owners to get their act together,--sorry, but no matter how good the food is, there's no excuse for improper handling of food and using spoiled dented product, --it shows no respect for your customer and complete ignorance of food borne poisoning is no joke. As much as owners clean up their act, it is still their responsibility to make sure their employess know proper hygiene..don't be fooled by all the gloves--they use the gloves to touch everything--washing hands and avoiding cross contamination of raw to cooked, and cleaned prep surfaces and food at proper temp is most important...also, bathrooms are a disaster at so many restaurants--this is always a bad sign.

    1. Yes, it's a good idea. No, I wouldn't go to a C restaurant.

      We don't have DOH-type ratings posted in our area, but whenever we travel to areas that do, we find that the information winds up playing into where we decide to eat.

      1. I was in Toronto when they moved to a posted granding system (pass, conditional and fail) and it did affect my eating habits - I would avoid going to any place that had to close down to renovate after failing.

        1. We've had health department letter "grades" with numeric scores posted in NC for as long as i can remember. A lot of people won't even go to "B" restaurants. It's actually very rare to see a posted grade other an "A." I'm not sure if restaurant practices are better b/c the grades are posted, or our health standards just aren't that high.

          I frequently check inspections online if I have questions - in my experience, the lower graded restaurants often have multiple minor violations that really don't concern me that much, but "A" restaurants often have one or two violations that make my skin crawl. My guess is that people in NYC will avoid lower graded restaurants after the grades are posted on site, but I would encourage you to read the full report for any restaurant you're worried about.

          1. Restaurants here in Boston don't have posted health ratings. I've never even heard of such a thing. Does it exist anywhere outside NYC? (And if not, should dthis thread be moved to the NY board?)

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              We have it here in Toronto. Pass, Conditional, Closed. And on the city's Dinesafe website, you can see the reasons for conditional, as well.