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Costco Kimchee

Wondering if this is worth a try? Seems like a pretty big jar.....
How do most of you use Kimchee...as a condiment..or in a specific dish..or just with everything?

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  1. I've never seen it there but now I will look for it. Thanks for the unintentional but appreciated heads up.

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        I didn't take specific note...but would venture a guess of about 2 liters(8 cups)....Kinda a barrel like container..which they have in the refrigerator section. Would occupy a lot of precious space in my Refrig...might be worth it......

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          Is this an in-house brand (i.e. Kirkland), or a national brand like King's Kimchi but in a supersized container?

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            I'm going to have to check the branding the next time I am at Costco....really can't recall.

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              Costco typically carries Cosmos Kimchi.

              It's pretty good for the price point.

              Read more about it here: http://articles.latimes.com/2009/apr/...

      2. There's this recipe that I tried from this website :


        It's kimchi jigae (pork and kimchi together). You cook them together and it tastes great! In the beginning, it was a bit odd because I've never had cooked kimchi before. But, once you get used to the idea, it's pretty good! I highly recommend this recipe!

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          I make fried rice with kimchee and bacon and a little bit of butter. Odd sounding, yes, but it is always snarfed up immediately. Pork and kimchee are meant to be together.

        2. Oh wow! Thanks for the tip. I can't seem to get enough kimchi lately!

          1. With Costco closer to me than the local Korean market (where I'm overwhelmed with variety), Costco's Cosmos kimchee fits the bill. I like it as a condiment...often on rice.

            1. You can use kimchi for a lot of things

              Kimchi fried rice
              kimchi soup
              kimchi pancakes
              kimchi wrapped pork belly slices
              kimchi wrapped rice balls
              in omelets
              on tacos
              on hot dogs or burgers
              in kim bap (a seaweed/rice roll)
              on pizza

              1. Well, the brand our Costco carries(Canada) is from a distributor in BC T-Brothers 2 liter jar $9.99 CDN
                It looks like they make the Kimchee in Port Coquitlam and import a variety of Korean products.
                Thanks for the various links...very interesting...
                And all the great suggestions for Kimchee...it sounds like it is a compliment to many dishes

                1. I love this Kimchee. It's by Cosmos brand. This is my fav Kimchee brand now. It has that tangy sour, sweet but not too sweet taste. Dump it in Jigae and omg, yum. Better than Assi or Hmart brand IMHO.