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Jun 18, 2010 06:05 PM

Need a Great Cake in the Charlevoix Traverse Petoskey Region

Our family is having a big get together in Charlevoix to celebrate some big birthdays, anniversaries and graduations this summer and even though I am from Utah I have been put in charge of getting a magnificent cake. Can anyone suggest where I should go in the region -- I have a month to work on this. Help please!!!

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  1. I do not have personal experience with this particular request, but here are two local resources you could start with:

    Galley Gourmet in Bay Harbor (they do catering, including cakes, in addition to their deli and food/wine shop)

    Esperance in Charlevoix: Also a food/wine shop. Not sure if they do cakes, but they would surely be able to direct you to someone in the area who does.

    I would trust recommendations from either of these establishments. Hope it helps!