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Jun 18, 2010 05:22 PM

Where do 'hounds go in Beaumont?

Surely there must be some neat little local places, and a good place where locals like to go for special occasions. I'm going to need both soon. Please help me out, 'hounds!

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  1. While it's not Beaumont, it's not but a few miles down the road. Al-T's in Winnie. I love it!!! It's not a "special occasion" place though. Sartin's used to be good years ago but haven't been in forever. It's also not a "special occasion" place. While there, check at Rao's Bakery, yum yum yum.

    Rao's Bakery
    4440 Dowlen Rd, Beaumont, TX 77706

    1. Willy Ray's BBQ at Exit 851 on I 10 is a great BBQ joint you should really like. Texas Monthly rates em in the top 50 in TX. They serve SL style ribs and brisket that's outstanding. I love their sauce. Good luck.

      1. I'm not a big fan of Tex-Mex, but Elena's in Beaumont is very good for Tex-Mex in my opinion.

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          Not.. a... fan.. of... Tex... Mex... ?!

        2. We enjoyed Floyd's--a very local scene with great people watching and excellent shrimp gumbo, friend shrimp, and a sort of ceviche/seafood cocktail with avocado that my DH enjoyed. If my (very nice) filet had been cooked medium rare to medium (as requested) instead of very rare (still cool in the middle, a little too rare even for my tastes) the meal would have been close to perfect. (It was Saturday night, the kitchen was really slammed and I didn't feel like sending it back.)

          We weren't impressed with Willy Ray's, where we had run of the mill brisket sandwiches topped with a thick sweet sauce (couldn't taste the meat). Top 50? I don't think so...

          But all in all, a good weekend.

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            I forgot to say, we went to Rao's for breakfast and the pastries were indeed excellent, although a slow and confused barista had quite a bit of difficulty getting our coffee order correct.

            And those "friend" shrimp at Floyd's were, of course, fried, but they were my friends for the few minutes they were on the plate...

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              Is this the same Floyd's as in Floyd Landry who has a couple of restaurants in Houston? Nice recovery on the friend shrimp,

              1. re: James Cristinian

                Yes, it is Floyd Landry. My wife and I had dinner there a couple of months ago and it was OK. Nothing special. I had a fried seafood platter and my wife had a broiled platter.

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                  The Floyd's in Webster has been very good. The only thing I've eaten there that I didn't like was their dirty rice. Everything else was very good.

          2. As a native, let me agree that Al-T's down the road in Winnie is a great place. As for Beaumont, I have heard good things about Goodfellaz on Dowlen. For Mexican food Cafe Del Rio near 11th st is good. Elena's is ok, I would call it typical. Rao's is a must for their great coffee and unbelievably beautiful baked treats. Willy Ray's does have good bar-b-que, as does Fat Mack's and Patillo's. All are different styles.

            Honestly the best thing you could do around Beaumont is to make friends with some locals and go to a family get together, particularly if you can find some Louisiana transplants to feed you some authentic cajun food. If you're wiling to drive a few minutes, Larry's French Market in Groves, TX has good food and a really unique, real-deal cajun atmosphere. North of Beaumont, in Lumberton, TX you will find the best hamburgers on the planet at Dippity's, and be sure to order the onion rings too.

            Cafe Del Rio
            2830 Interstate 10 E, Beaumont, TX 77703