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Jun 18, 2010 04:07 PM

Best Noodle Place On The Strip?

What is the best Asian noodle joint on the strip? I know a lot of the casinos have them now. I also know that the best noodle places are likely on Spring Mountain Rd but I'm specifically looking for the best noodle place on the strip. I've been to Noodle Asia in Venetian (meh) and the noodle joint in the Bellagio (which I remember being decent but it was four years ago so I don't know how it is now).

Also, on another note, is there anywhere in Vegas that has decent pickles? The deli in the Forum Shops used to have a decent pickle barrel but it closed down, and I love, love, love pickles, but hate the typical limp, sad pickles that most places have.

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  1. My favorite noodle joint is in the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino. It's called the Noodle Exchange.

    Not on the Strip, but on Flamingo, next door to the Rio and across the street from the Palms.

    Noodle Exchange
    4000 W Flamingo Rd, Paradise, NV 89103

    1. the noodle place at bellagio is good, but i wouldn't travel to go there. in other words, if you are hungry and want to get back to the pool or the craps tables, its perfect.

      1. I can't help you with noodles, but I have a tip for pickles. The Walgreens between Planet Hollywood and MGM sells Van Holten pickles in a pouch. They are excellent pickles, and the last time I was there they sold I think three kinds - hot and spicy, dill, and sour. They are huge and very portable, being in a pouch. It's always one of my first stops in Vegas, so that I have a stash of pickles to munch on throughout my trip.