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Jun 18, 2010 04:03 PM

New downtown bakery - Creme de la crumb on Granville

A great little bakery called Creme de la Crumb has just opened up at 466 Granville right next door to Trees Organic Coffee. Everything baked in house. Tried their lemon poppyseed loaf and it was excellent. Looking forward to tasting their cinnamon buns...

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    1. Just tried their vanilla pear scone, flecked with beautiful specs of vanilla bean. Fluffy and delicious and warm from the oven. At $2.75 it is more than my local bakery or Starbucks but IMO so very worth it for the quality ingredients. I don't think I've actually had baking anywhere that uses real vanilla bean instead of extract (sadly). I love that they're open really early, so even at 7:15 I can pick something up before work.

      1. Best...carrot...cake...ever!

        I also love their scones and they even make a better-than-average turkey sandwich (actual roast turkey). Great addition for downtown'ers looking for lunch or great baking.

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        1. re: kroekerj

          But.. does the carrot cake have the dreaded addition of pineapple? Never understood why something called carrot cake needed tropical fruit in it's DNA...

          1. re: eatrustic

            Pineapple is for moisture plus a bit of texture-apart from nuts.


            1. re: Sam Salmon

              Ha! Not to hijack the thread Sam but I've had lots of nice moist Carrot Cakes without pineapple. The carrots and the buttermilk are just fine for that.

              Still, I'll go to Creme de la Crumb to see for myself.