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Jun 18, 2010 03:27 PM

Little India - Gerrard East - hope springs eternal... or does it?

Just noticed that the Skylark has closed (no loss) and in its place will be Nitya - Cuisine's (sic) of India.
Let's hope the cooking will be more detail oriented than the grammar. :) If I see any signs of human activity as I pass by I will attempt to find out more.

Also on the strip, on Ashdale accross from the library the Tandoori Host has a sign up saying it is opening up again soon under new ownership. They'd better do a LOT of cleaning before they bring any supplies in - the place is looking terrible and littered with garbage.

As for the Lahore Tikka House, I believe the Pyramids went up in less time. But who cares, if it ever eventually opens it will just be a vast space serving the same horrible food.

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  1. Great post! Here's hoping too. Motimahal is my old stand by, but by no means noteworthy cooking. I still prefer to make the trek to Yonge and College to Kathmandu for dinner.

    1422 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4L1Z6, CA

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    1. re: currycue

      Kathamandu's scores better than anything in Little India.
      I applaud your taste! :)

      Little India
      255 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V1Z4, CA

      1. re: atomeyes

        Lol, thanks! If you know of anywhere else comparable around town, I'd love to try it!

        I used to love Cuisine of India up on Yonge back in the day, but I've heard it went downhill terribly before it closed.

        1. re: currycue

          Never ceases to amaze me - in a city teeming with people from India/Pakistan/Bangladesh/SriLanka that we don't have decent cuisine from those countries.
          Don't go to Cuisine of India - they used to be great, but it was all over many years ago.

          1. re: KitchenVoodoo

            It's closed down now to make room for a condo building anyways...

      1. It's really a shame there isn't much to really enjoy in the nabe.

        Old stand by is Udupi Palace & when we are feeling carinvorious we order from Siddartha. The latter is not the best, but it definitely scratches the itch. Delivery is prompt and food is hot and fresh.

        Lahore - no thanks. Too greasy and the styrofoam plates? what's up with that?

        Udupi Palace
        1460 Gerrard St E, Toronto, ON M4L2A3, CA

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        1. re: Apple

          Have you tried delivery from the BBQ Hut? Their Nan bread is great, and if you get a fresh skewer of chicken tikka from the tandoor it's really good with those little take out sized pots of tamarind sauce and hot fresh coriander chutney. Anything from their tandoor oven (it's probably the first and oldest on the strip) will be good, so long as they cook it to order, as opposed to re-cycling it from the lunch buffet. I like their shashi beef kebab, their tandoori chicken, and I've even risked their tandoori prawn once or twice and found it juicy - hopefully went straight from freezer to tandoor oven!
          Their veg samosas are nice. Veggie Korma is o.k. too especially with their basmati rice.
          Delivery is prompt - but then I only live a few blocks away!
          To me, the BBQ Hut and the Uddipi Palace are the only reputable places - for the moment.

          1. re: KitchenVoodoo

            I also like the Udupi - we were there last night in fact. Cheap and tasty. Works for me.

        2. Four of us went to Lahore Tikka House earlier this week and it wasn't "horrible" as suggested in the original post by KitchenVoodoo, although I agree with the overall sentiment in the post.

          Four of us quite well if somewhat primitively for $75, and much better than any wretched buffet, which isn't saying a lot!

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          1. re: AzulH

            I've lived down the road from Lahore Tittka House for many years, and have really wanted it to succeed, but the food has always been a let down - too greasy, and aggresively spicy - not the hallmark of a talented Chef. Amateurs cash grabbers at the helm I think. It seems to be out of credit for the re-building project - no work is progressing.

            1. re: KitchenVoodoo

              As its name implies, Lahore Tikka is a Pakistani restaurant. "Greasy" and "aggressively spicy" is the way it's supposed to be. It's not butter chicken.

              1. re: curnonsky

                Mmmm, Lahore Tikka Hut (insert Homer Simpson drooling here).

                Yes, I know the food is a tad on the greasy side and the styrofoam plates are a turn off. But a few times a year I get a culinary itch that only a trip to Lahore can scratch.

          2. Nitya is run by the same people who run Udupi Palace. They will be offering a buffet that features North Indian food (the usual Gerrard Street fare), as well as South Indian, East Indian and West Indian (as in the Indian-derived dishes of Guyana and Trinidad). The chef is from Mumbai.

            I went in today and, as someone who lives in the neighbourhood and who has tried most of the buffets, I really enjoyed being able to choose some unusual things like prawns.

            The dinner menu's not really up and running yet; they say they'll be changing up their lunchtime offerings a lot, but will tend to have butter chicken and Tandoori chicken since so many people expect all the Gerrard Street buffets to have those two items.

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            1. re: SarahBHood

              Checked out Nitya for dinner last night. Having sampled all the other buffets over the last decade I was underwhelmed. I just didn't find the variety I expected walking in and the flavours mild. That said, I don't claim to be an expert on south asian cuisine.

              (Regarding Skylar, the last time I was there I had a reasonably good experience. I remember being impressed with a fish special they had out -- never seen that at an Indian buffet before.)

              For the merits of the dinner, the spicing was not off the heat scale, the grease quotient was quite low relative to the competition and there just wasn't the typical been-sitting-there-for-hours look to the steam table. The rice was plain, without anything added which I found novel, and in a good way.

              I'd remembered this post incorrectly and thought the Tandori Host across from the Ashdale library was under the same ownership as Udupi. It looks really as bad as VVM describes and the front of the building gets tidied up badly.
              Walking past Siddartha it was crazy busy. People waiting outside. I wonder if this is a good thing or bad thing?

              1. re: neighborguy

                The next new place to open on the strip is a mystery for now - it's on the NE corner of Gerrard and Haiwatha, replacing the kitchen equipment store. There is a sizeable new patio, and some fancy modern brick facing going up on the exterior, the building permit just says "restuarant for over 30 tables" or something like that. It looks many months away from completion, but who knows, it may be something good!

                1. re: KitchenVoodoo

                  Anyone try the new restaurant called "Five Spices"?