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Jun 18, 2010 02:47 PM

Barolo by the glass in Rome?

I've never had a real bottle of Barolo in my life. I'm very curious about it and would love to try some high end wines by the glass in order to test the waters, maybe try a few. Are there any wine bars in Rome that have really high end stuff by the glass?

Hope that's not a tacky question!! :)

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  1. I would try the Trimani wine bar (enoteca). It is next door to the Trimani wine store.

    1. Not at all a tacky question. Trimani is a good bet. Also the last time I had lunch at Casa Bleve (not lately) the back page of the wine list was important reds by the glass, not, of course, always the same ones. I'm not sure whether Achillii al Parlamento has big reds, but there's always a rotating selection of wines by the glass and there may well be, and anyway it's a lot of fun to have a glass of wine and a tartine there.

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        Buonissimo, thanks! Leaving in a few days- all my threads finally coming to fruition, horay!

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          Hi Maureen, I've been trying to book a class with you when my 18 yr old daughter and I are in Rome... July 12 or 14 look to be about the only possibility for us but I can't find anything scheduled on those days. Any suggestions? Thanks, Toni

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            you are more likely to have luck on this if you click on Maureen's name - which takes you to her profile, her blog which has an email link. Or you could I think contact Context Tours

        2. Roscioli almost always has at least one barolo by the glass. There about 15 wines by the glass on offer there at any time. Il goccetto has a good by the glass selection as well, sometimes a barolo.

          1. You should also be on the lookout for barbaresco. They are next door neighbors, made from the same grape and it can be difficult to distinguish a barolo from a barbaresco.

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              Try Cul d Sac in Piazza Pasquino just off the south east end of the Piazza Navona.