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Jun 18, 2010 02:40 PM

Emergency I have to eat NOW storecupboard food

When you find yourself in need of food NOW but have nothing prepped - what is your fave emergency storecupboard recipe?

Mine is:
Take 1 drained rinsed can chickpeas
Add coconut powder/cream, sriracha, tamarind paste - and nuke.
If spinach is available, even better.

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  1. That's what my emergency stash of food in the freezer is for but if it's not on hand.. usually pasta.

    A really good simple pasta can be terrific. Any boiled pasta coated with a beaten egg, lightly moved around in the pan, seasoned and finished with chopped parsley is yum!

    1. Ditto on the pasta. Also, I almost always have the makings for refried black beans, which are very quick to whip up, and so versatile. Eggs are another fallback. I always have eggs around, and I can use them as the main, or as an extender for whatever else I can throw together. I rarely run out of cheese, bread, or tortillas, and with the beans and eggs, I can create a satisfying plate in a half an hour.

      Oh, and cheap packets of Ramen. We can throw in eggs, scallions, bits of fridge leftovers, and doctor the broth. But that usually happens *very* late at night.